Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Travel Bag Essentials - Train Journey To London

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well on this fine...grey day? It is miserable weather where I am and my weather app is showing thunderstorms...although I am yet to experience any. I really hope we get some though as I love it when I am all cosy indoors :-) Does anyone else love thunderstorms?

Anyway, today I felt like sharing my top essentials that I would need in my bag, I have based these things on when I travel on the train. Lately I have travelled to London a few times so it has brought to my attention all the things I will need to take. It doesn't have to be London though, just anywhere you're going with a bag really. Hopefully you will take away a few ideas that you had not thought about? :-)

Now I don't have any amazing bags to photograph that I felt were blog worthy, nothing new anyway. So instead as I am a huge bag fan, I have put together a few that I really love/want as no blog post of mine is at it's best if theres no photo's!

1. Michael Kors                      2. Burberry                        3. Asos                         4. Louis Vuitton

You can click the names above to see the bags on the websites if you like? I really love them all, they are just a tiny bit too expensive for me...just a tad.. (lol)

So below I have listed a variety of bag essentials, do leave your comments if you have anything that I haven't included :-)

1. Portable Charger and the actual plug to charge your phone incase you get an opportunity to charge it, saying that...don't forget your actual phone! :-)

2. Mints/Chewing gum

3. Bottle of water. Great to bring a filtered bottle so if you refill from anywhere you can always have it filtered. (My favourite type of water)

4. Mini Notebook/Diary (don't forget a pen)

5. Lip balm

6. Hair Tye/Hair Grips

7. Flat shoes (if wearing heels)

8. Hand cream

9. Tangle Teezer hair brush if it's a windy day and you have your hair down

10. Purse (Cards & Cash)

11. House keys

12. A snack 

13. Camera (if you blog or vlog)

14. Umbrella (if chance of rain)

15. Sunglasses (if chance of sun) 

16. Tissues

17. Hand gel/wipes

18. Nail File/Clippers

19. Headphones

20. Compact Mirror

Now obviously you wouldn't take every single thing on this list every time you travel, you would need a pretty big bag if you did! It always depends where your going, how long for etc. Hopefully you can take away some ideas from this though? 

Hope you liked this post, I will see ya'll in my next one :-) lol 

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