Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Product Empties - Beauty, Hair & Makeup | Tried & Tested

Hi everyone! 
I have quite a few beauty products laying about that are pretty much empty. I should have thrown most of these away but I tend to just hang onto things! Does anyone else do this? 
I thought as I have tried these it would be good to share them with you and I can give you my review, I do love the majority tho so all good reviews :-) 

Hair & Body

Loreal Conditioner         

This had been sitting in the cupboard for ages. I suppose I loved it too much to part ways,lol
I really need to get some more soon. It is for dry, fine hair and leaves your hair satin soft. It also smells amazing!

Aussie Conditioner

I love the Aussie brand. This one smells really nice, it has Australian Ginseng extract and pearl powder. It adds gloss and shine and is great for dull looking hair.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub

I got this for Christmas and I love it. When I saw it was running out I left it in the cupboard to remind me to buy some. I then forgot about I need to get some more soon. Another GREAT smelling product and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth :-) It has a zesty and uplifting cleansing polish blended with natural scrub particles.


I usually think all mascaras are the same, it takes me time to find one I really love. This one however I would definitely re-purchase. I loved the way it made my eyelashes look and how easy it was to apply. I did a blog post on this so click here if you want to find out more.

I loved this, it ran out quite a while ago though so I really don't know what it's still doing in my drawer. Really need to do a Makeup clear out!lol
I felt like it covered my blemishes really well. I used to dab some on my face and blend in and that was all I would need for the base (other than some powder and blush). It was a great matte coverage so I would like to get another one. 

I love this foundation. I currently use it at the moment. I have a little bit left in the pot still and I try to use as little as I can so it lasts! I find it a really great coverage again and even just using a small amount does the job for me. I also wrote a blog post on this so click here if you want to read it.

I did like this concealer. I found that it ran out quite quickly tho. It has a two colours of concealer inside plus a bit of powder. I only used one side of the concealer as the other side was a bit dark for me. You can click the title link of the product above to see it in more detail if you like. (like all title links, you can click them to see more of the product)


I started using this as I ran out of Liz Earle. Though the summer days it was great, it felt nice and cleansing on my skin and there was no problem with it removing my makeup. 

Same for this one. Great at removing the makeup from the eyes and didn't harm my eyes at all. Only thing I didn't like is that it takes longer to remove make up then it would with Liz Earle...which is what I will talk about next...

THE BEST AT REMOVING MAKEUP!!! As you can see I have really tried to use every last bit. It is so quick and easy to use and isn't harmful to the eyes. It has naturally active ingredients too which I love. It is a bit more on the pricey side which is bit annoying. That is why I bought Simple, at the time I didn't have the money to re-purchase Liz Earle but when I can afford it I will buy more because it is my favourite (that I have tried)


Just Cavalli

I bought this once as I wanted some cheap but nice smelling perfume. The lady in the shop recommended this one to me. It smells so nice and I think I love it more because it reminds me of my holiday in Sweden as I first wore it a lot out there. I have just left it on my shelf empty for ages, I seem to do that with perfume bottles.

River Island Paris By Night

I bought this last Christmas because I saw it at the till and thought, why not? :-) Turns out it smells absolutely amazing! When I wore it to work before, people use to ask what perfume I was wearing because they loved the smell. It was only £12 too...BARGIN! I need some more...pronto!

Roberto Cavalli

This one was bought for me two Christmas's ago by my boyfriend. I just love the smell, great for evenings out. It has a musky scent to it and would definitely re-purchase this :-)

I hope you liked all the products I have shown, let me know what your favourite is in the comments?

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

GET FIT FOR CHRISTMAS - Challenge Yourself


Hi everyone!!!

Hope your all doing great?

Who wants to GET FIT FOR CHRISTMAS? (This is targeted at ladies)

Now just looking at Candice Swanpoel above makes me wanna get fit. Trying to search for a photo of her on google images was so hard, she has an amazing figure and has boosted my motivation so much already!

From Monday I want to set myself a challenge...and that is...if you haven't guessed already, 
Sometimes we see Christmas and the winter season as a time to eat more and it's ok because we can hide it with layers of clothes...well no! NOT THIS YEAR! 

Here are some reasons why we should do this...
  • If we start now then when Christmas does actually arrive we can indulge a bit and you won't feel as bad because we will be in good shape. We will feel good for treating ourselves and after it is all over we won't feel so guilty. 
  • Impress the other half. I wouldn't even tell your other half (or whoever it is you may want to impress) that you are planning to get fit but just do it and then you can wow them in some sexy christmas underwear and they won't be able to believe their eyes ;-)
  • If you have any goals in mind, maybe you want to be a model, if you're a blogger who wants to share outfits but don't like your figure or maybe you are performing on a show?...whatever it is, focus on that and work hard to get fit and you will feel so much better for it and who could lead to opportunities?
  • DO IT FOR YOURSELF! In the end you think of things to help motivate you to keep going but remember to do it for yourself....if you want to feel confident, be happy in your own body and to general just be a healthier person, inside and out :-)

Here are a few tips on getting started...

  • Get yourself a diary/notebook and writing all your workouts that you are going to do for the week. You can even write meal plans too if that works for you. Fitness pal app is great at tracking food and macros if you want to take it more seriously. 
  • Makesure you have some good outfits ready for the gym and for doing some outdoor workouts too, running, cycling, hiking..etc
  • Ask your friends if they want to do the challenge with you. Working out with other people does help motivate you. Also going to classes at the gym or run clubs are a great way to make friends and working out with others pushes you to keep going.
  • Don't stress yourself over it. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience. If you don't have enough money one week to buy the right food, etc just do the best you can. If you have one treat a week, that is ok too. Just try your best..whatever works for you. 
  • You can keep track of your measurements, weight and you could even take photo's. Take a photo every week and try to stand with the same pose and in the same bikini or shorts & crop top so you can see as best you can how your body is changing.
  • Focus on improving and gaining strength in yourself. Try not to focus too much on looking at yourself every day and waiting for changes to happen over night...because they won't. If you try to just have fun with it and not focus too much on what you look like, it will suddenly catch up with you and then you will notice a change and you feel like time has just gone by without you even realising.



Well they are a few of my tips to help you get started. There could be loads more to share, if there is something you think is important that I haven't mentioned then leave it in the comments could help people out there who reads this.

I hope this post has motivated you? What better time to start then is nearly October so perfect time to get prepared and start at the beginning of a new month.

Good Luck! :-)

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NOTE: I am not a personal trainer or anything but I do feel I have quite a bit of knowledge through my boyfriend being a personal trainer and also from competing in a fitness show.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Wish List 2015 - Fashion Loves

I copied the photo's from the websites so quality isn't the best quality. 

What is your favourite item? These a few of my top picks but there would be loads more, it could be a never ending list :-)

Have you seen my last blog post: click here for Top 3 Coats from Burberry

Monday, 21 September 2015

Burberry Top 3 Coats - Autumn trends 2015

Hi everyone,

Today I have been sitting on Twitter watching the newsfeed from the +Burberry Show. They had a live video that I watched as the fun happened. It was amazing! Did anyone else watch it? Or was anyone lucky enough to be at event? :-)

All photo's used in this post are copied from the Burberry Twitter page.
So as I was seeing lots of photo's from the event pop up on social media I fell in love with a few of their coats. I am a huge coat lover and could buy so many if I had the money! You can never have too many coats, I say ;-)

I was so excited by seeing these amazing coats and feeling the buzz of the seeing the show itself, it prompted to me to share it on a blog post.

All 3 coats I love so much!

I can't get over the colour of this one worn by the gorgeous Sienna Miller.

This red one worn by the lovely Hollie Grainger, standing with Harry Treadaway.

This last one I loved was worn by the beautiful, Poppy Delevinge. 

Which one do you like best? I don't think I can even decide, I love and want each one! :-)

Burberry website: Click Here
Burberry Twitter: Click Here

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hyrdate & DeFrizz your Hair - OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi everyone.

I am so happy to finally be sharing this post. I had planned to do this two days ago but since then i've not been my usual happy self and had the worst headache, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to even look at a computer screen. I didn't actually go on my computer for the whole two days! lol (shock)

Today I wanted to share these hair products that I recently got from a blogging event I went too.
I had never used this Shampoo and Conditioner before but had heard it was really good stuff.

I love using these products now, the smell is AMAZING! It is great for hydration and de-frizzing of the hair :-) As I have just gone a lot blonder I feel like that is exactly what I need right now. The conditioner is a lot thicker and you only need a small amount and it makes your hair feel so soft!
These products contain a blend of Kukui nut oil too which creates a shimmering gloss to your hair, giving it a really smooth texture.

Has anyone else used these products? What did you think of them?

They are sold in a variety of different stores, you can click here to see the list of stores

A local store to me that I would buy them from would probably be +Boots UK

You can get the Shampoo from Boots here
And the Conditioner here

For more information and a browse around their website click here

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Travel Bag Essentials - Train Journey To London

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well on this fine...grey day? It is miserable weather where I am and my weather app is showing thunderstorms...although I am yet to experience any. I really hope we get some though as I love it when I am all cosy indoors :-) Does anyone else love thunderstorms?

Anyway, today I felt like sharing my top essentials that I would need in my bag, I have based these things on when I travel on the train. Lately I have travelled to London a few times so it has brought to my attention all the things I will need to take. It doesn't have to be London though, just anywhere you're going with a bag really. Hopefully you will take away a few ideas that you had not thought about? :-)

Now I don't have any amazing bags to photograph that I felt were blog worthy, nothing new anyway. So instead as I am a huge bag fan, I have put together a few that I really love/want as no blog post of mine is at it's best if theres no photo's!

1. Michael Kors                      2. Burberry                        3. Asos                         4. Louis Vuitton

You can click the names above to see the bags on the websites if you like? I really love them all, they are just a tiny bit too expensive for me...just a tad.. (lol)

So below I have listed a variety of bag essentials, do leave your comments if you have anything that I haven't included :-)

1. Portable Charger and the actual plug to charge your phone incase you get an opportunity to charge it, saying that...don't forget your actual phone! :-)

2. Mints/Chewing gum

3. Bottle of water. Great to bring a filtered bottle so if you refill from anywhere you can always have it filtered. (My favourite type of water)

4. Mini Notebook/Diary (don't forget a pen)

5. Lip balm

6. Hair Tye/Hair Grips

7. Flat shoes (if wearing heels)

8. Hand cream

9. Tangle Teezer hair brush if it's a windy day and you have your hair down

10. Purse (Cards & Cash)

11. House keys

12. A snack 

13. Camera (if you blog or vlog)

14. Umbrella (if chance of rain)

15. Sunglasses (if chance of sun) 

16. Tissues

17. Hand gel/wipes

18. Nail File/Clippers

19. Headphones

20. Compact Mirror

Now obviously you wouldn't take every single thing on this list every time you travel, you would need a pretty big bag if you did! It always depends where your going, how long for etc. Hopefully you can take away some ideas from this though? 

Hope you liked this post, I will see ya'll in my next one :-) lol 

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Monday, 14 September 2015


Today I wanted to share my new hair as I have gone peroxide white blonde :-)

So I hadn't dyed or cut my hair in just over 4 months, which is really long for me!

I have always loved the white blonde hair colour. I was even considering going a slightly silvery/grey shade. I had a few photo's I collected together for inspiration so here are the ones I was inspired by:
I was planning to go to the hairdressers but after thinking about it I decided to do it myself, wrong decision! lol

I knew to achieve this colour I would need an all over dye so thought it would be quite easy to do myself. As my hair is already blonde and my roots tend to take well when I get it done at the hairdressers, I thought I could save myself lots of money!
I was really nervous to do my hair so I did a test strand to make sure it lifted to a nice colour. The dark part of the strand lifted quite well and so I thought it would be fine, so went ahead with it!

NOOOOOO.....where my roots were, it had gone orange! The rest of my blonde hair had turned really white blonde though :-/ This was yesterday, so being Sunday the shops had shut by this time.

This morning I stuck a big headband on and went over to the shops to get another hair dye. I tried to lift the colour at the roots and it did go a bit lighter but the orange/yellow tint was still there and the aim for me was to remove that completely! I almost felt like I was at a dead end, my hair felt horrible and damaged. I then decided to walk over to the hairdressers and ask for them to help sort it for me!

They put a toner on all the yellowy parts of my hair and luckily it lifted a lot more and is almost as white as I was hoping for :-) I also had a trim as I had needed that for ages!
I am still unsure if it really suits me. I have to wait 1-2 weeks before I can have any other colours put through it so I am not sure yet wether I will stick with it or get a few lowlights put through to break it up?

                Top left: Taken recently, last week.                Top right: Gone wrong after hair dye! lol
             Bottom left: After doing roots again :/                          Bottom right: After Hairdressers :-)

I have learnt from this to never EVER do my own hair again!!! I used to dye my own hair a lot when I was younger and had some bad experiences with it back then. I remember sending my mum out to get me more dye when it had gone wrong as I didn't want to leave the house,lol I should have learnt from the past really but I suppose some of the old me kicked in and I felt like taking a risk. LESSON LEARNT! lol

Has anyone else had hair disasters? I bet some of you have worse stories to tell than this? Let me know, I would love to read them in the comments :-)

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bloggers London Fashion Week 2015 #BLFW

Hello :-)

On Monday the 7th of September I attended the Bloggers Fashion Week event #BLFW
It was my first time attending and it was held in the OXO Tower Wharf, Southbank in London. The location was really nice and I had such a good time. I got to meet a lot of brands and some new bloggers/vloggers through the afternoon, it was on from 12-3. They also had a second one at 6-9, I would have loved to go to that one but I had to travel back for work at 5.

The two photo's above were just as we came in from the entrance, this was the first large room and you can go through to a second one. I went to this event alone but met two really lovely girls before we all went in.

They both have blogs which you should definitely check out.  and

So we made our way around taking a look at some of the brands and products...

I loved this dress from the rail of clothes that +Motel Rocks had :-)
I thought this lingerie was stunning, you can see their website here

These nail polishes sound quite cool, they are odour free and instead of soaking of the colour with nail polish remover you can just peel it off. You can see their website here I might have to buy one soon to test it out :-)

I also loved this lingerie rail from Fleur Of England, you can see their website here
In the picture above is my favourite piece. I really love all the lacey, pretty lingerie and really want to get some as I have none like it!

They had a small bar at the event too where we could get a free cocktail of our choice, after we got a drink we stood to watch two mini catwalk shows they had on.

I went for the Strawberry Crush

During the event I did see my friend Daniella. I met Dani at the Tea Tasting Event that I went to and then again at The Bloggers Festival. She is so lovely though, I am lucky to have met such a great person. Check her out here So anyway after the event I went with her and two others to go get some food. We went to Las Iguanas which was on the Southbank, to me it was very similar to Turtle Bay which is what we have in my town. I had a baguette with chicken, avocado, cheese and lettuce, then chips on the side which I loved dipping in Mayo, OMG it was soooo good :-) Looking at it again now is making my mouth water! lol I then ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri, but got two as it was Happy Hour.

I then walked back to get the train home but stopped along the river to take a few photo's a long the way.

I also did a vlog video of my day too so if you like watching video's or would like to see more in the event then click here to watch it, if you like vlogs then you can subscribe to my channel to see more from me :-)

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Sneak Preview of George Christmas Range

Hey everyone :-)

Today I thought I would give you a sneak preview into the Christmas range for George Asda.

I attended this press launch in London on Wednesday 2nd August. 

This was the room showcasing all knitwear which I absolutely loved. They also had a rail with some of the nightwear on. I have a thing for Pyjamas and lingerie and the range was just amazing. I really can't wait for all this stock to arrive in the shops. Good thing is my Mum works at Asda so I can use her discount :-) #HappyDays

So then I went into the next room with party wear, kids and some more pyjamas and lingerie. They had a huge christmas tree in this one with some Christmas Music playing, it got me very excited :-) I can't wait to buy all the Winter/Christmas fashion! It's just one of the many things that excites me for this time of year :-)

I actually forgot to take any photo's in the room for home range. I think because I was vlogging I lost track what photo's I was taking but I did vlog it :-)

Anyway, we also had the chance to make our own tea light holders so I thought I would have a go.

I didn't really know where to start with this so just went with the flow and I ended up trying for a snowy look on mine. I think I went too much with the snow tho and made it look a bit messy...when I look at it now I have so many more ideas but at that moment my creative mind wasn't really there,lol It's not my best work but here is a photo of it anyway...

I really hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak into the fashion for Christmas by George +Asda 

I feel really lucky to have seen it all before it arrives to the shops :-)

If you want to see more including the home room and some of the rails not shown in the photo's then check out the video by clicking here :-) Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

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