Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Top Fitness Girls for Inspiration

Hello :-)

Today I went to the gym and started to think about the competition I did in April this year, you can see my video of that here I have watched this video back today and I really can't wait to do another competition next year. There are so many things I learnt from the first one and so many things that I didn't even do right but yet still got some good results. So I know that next time I will put 100% effort into it and I will get even better results. You can also see my blog post on Beginners Guide to Competing here I did vlog some of my fitness journey up to the competition too on my second youtube channel which you can check out here if you like, just scroll down a bit and you will find the video's. I loved documenting my journey and I can't wait to document it all again and make even better content second time round!

Anyway the point of this post was to share with you the top fitness girls who really inspire me. I am feeling very inspired and motivated today so felt like doing a inspiring post to share :-)

I decided to snap shot a picture of each girl and put into a college for you all to see. This is the body image I look up to and would want to achieve in life, if only I could stop binging I could easily get there. I will never give up trying though and one day it will hopefully just fall into place and my lifestyle will change for the better. I am not far from getting the results I want, so I just need to keep pushing myself, I look through Instagram daily and check these girls out which does help motivate me for the day :-)

Top left is Sheridyn Fisher (Click the girls name to be linked to their Instagram profiles if you wanna see more or follow them)
She has amazing photos, usually beach related and every one is so perfect. She also posts food inspiration, her account is like the perfect life we all want and dream of having! So as we don't have it, it's nice to just look and dream lol

Bottom left is Hanna Modig
Another amazing Instagram account. A very active, healthy living and it is just so inspiring to see.

Next to her is Victoria NeGreen
She has a sister too who looks very similar, her name is Alexandra and either one is good for inspiration.  I love their blonde hair and they have such amazing bodies, the prefect figure I would say :-)

Top right is Karena and Katrina
These two have a youtube channel and have workout DVDs and everything. They are quite well known now so you may have heard of these two already. Definitely great at helping others get into the health and fitness world though so worth a look.

Underneath them is Erin Pugliese
Someone I have looked at on Instagram for ages now. I just love her figure and her hair, again lol
She is a personal trainer and nutritionist and posts a mix of inspiring photos.

And finally, bottom right is Mirabella 
Another blonde,lol She has really pretty photos and a few fashion ones too.

I was nearly going to publish this post then when I forgot to add another top fave of mine!
Kayla Itsines She is another quite well known girl in the online fitness world. She also provides her 12 week training programmes for girls and posts lots of transformation pictures up too.

So there we have it, my top fitness girls that inspire me :-)

Who inspires you? I like to find new inspiration all the time so be great to share more below :-)

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  1. I've been meaning to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine, I'll definitely have to give some of this girls a follow on Instagram, by the looks of it their accounts will definitely motivate me into working out more!

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