Thursday, 13 August 2015

Wardrobe Organisation | Summer to Autumn

Hello :-)

Yesterday I decided it was finally time to sort out my wardrobe. I had been putting it off for a few months but I am so happy it is done now.  Lots of my clothes I wouldn't even wear any more and when I usually look through there are items I would skip past every time! Then because these are taking up space I loose track of things I have.

Before and After

After clearing my bed completely to make space, these are steps that I took...


I took everything off the rails and made 3 piles of clothes on the bed, one for items I loved and was sure I wanted to keep, the second was for items I was unsure about and the third was for items I haven't worn in ages or never have much intention on wearing. I also went through the clothes under the rail and also in my set of drawers. Then I would put the unwanted clothes (pile 3) in a black sack.


I then went through the second pile trying to decide again, trying some things on to see if I still liked them and felt confident with them on, etc.
Ones I didn't want I would then decide if they were good enough for charity or to sell on an app called Depop, if you haven't heard of that, it is basically similar to eBay where you can sell your clothes, etc but it looks a lot easier to do and you can upload items straight from your phone. I have an account I made a while ago but will be uploading clothes to sell soon, so if you want to follow me on there, my username is 'carlycx'


Then I went through the pile of things I wanted to keep and placed them all out on the bed again into categories, e.g.. gym bits, jeans, tops, pyjamas, coats, jumpers..
That way I could see what I had. I then decided that I could do with one more blazer and maybe I could cut down on the jumpers a bit!


So I grabbed a notebook and made a list of anything that I felt I could add to my wardrobe to make it complete, I also thought about staple items I could get which after all of this, realised I was missing.


The last thing for me to do was to put everything back on the hangers. My hangers are nothing special, they are from various shops that I have just collected over the years. I do plan on buying some better ones soon, that are all the same. I did try to organise my rail in sections. I first hung up my jumpers/cardigans, then my dresses, then shirts, skirts, blazers and coats. I also tried to avoid putting the same colour of items against each other, it just helped them not to blend with each other and stand out more. I put other things into my set of drawers.


To finish off I pulled all of my bags down from the top shelf and re-arranged them all to look neater and in my large Lipsy bag I put all my smaller Clutch/Handbags inside to save room. Also getting rid of bags that are old or never used.
Then I did this with all my shoes too. I chose my most worn/favourites to put on show, also put a few on the top shelf. The rest I put into my ottoman (a large box type thing that would usually sit at the end of beds, also has a lid that opens so you can put things inside) I think they are quite old fashioned now, I was given mine to use for extra storage at one point. Anyway I put the rest of my shoes in there for now, them ones I wouldn't really wear very much or are quite old so I will be sorting out my ottoman another day and then can decide what to do when that day comes! :-)

I also forgot to mention, I put all of my summer/holiday clothes away as I know I won't be using them again this year, especially beach wear anyway. It is still humid in England but before we know it the cold air will hit us!
So putting all of that stuff away certainly made room in my wardrobe and I ended up with a lot of extra hangers and now even have some space in my drawers.

I have also found an app recently called 'StyLead' It is really great for sharing outfits and you can tag where each item is from really easily :-) I am loving it right now, does anyone else have it? If you don't, it is free to download, let me know if you get it as I would love to follow you on there :-)

I also did a video on this so if you want to see me in action. You can click onto the video to see more on my youtube channel by following the 'watch on youtube' link when you hover over the video, don't forget to Subscribe too :-)

Hopefully this blog post inspired you. It is such a good feeling to de-clutter and organise things! Has anyone recently had a wardrobe sort out?



  1. This is a great post and really different. I definitely have clothes on my wardrobe that I never wear 😉

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :-) x

  2. Really good! I am so in need of a wardrobe clear out!x

    1. Thanks :-) yea and as we're coming into Autumn soon it's the perfect time to do it :-) x


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