Monday, 24 August 2015

MAC Studio Fix - The BEST Face Powder

Today I wanted to share my love for Studio Fix Powder by +MAC Cosmetics

This is my favourite face powder and has been for a while now. Before I was using +RimmelLondon  Clear Complexion which is also really good if you are on a budget. I never really spent my money on Mac products before, I tended to stick with cheaper options from +Superdrug or +Boots UK 

After I ran out of my first Studio Fix Powder I decided it was a little expensive to buy another so went back to drugstore ones but after a while I started to miss it and had noticed the difference compared to cheaper ones. So I decided then to re-purchase it a few months ago, I actually got two without realising , when it came in the post I thought I'd got lucky and they put an extra one in by accident but nope, I had paid for both.. oh well, I new I would want another one anyway so its all good :-)

This powder lasts quite a long time and it's a great little compact to take out in your handbag. Now I have two, I keep one for my handbag and one for the make up drawer :-)
It comes with a sponge applicator but I prefer to use my big make up brush to apply it. I only use the sponge with the one in my bag if I need it. This powder is actually a foundation and powder in one.

The colour I get is c4. I feel this colour is a good match for me, it can give my skin a little glow of tan if i'm looking pale and then when I was on holiday it blended really well too so for me this colour is perfect.

Here is a picture of the powder applied on my face, the left side is with the powder, the right is without (you see the line down the middle of my face very slightly) I applied it here with the sponge so it went on a bit thicker than I usually wear it but this is just so you can see the effect it has :-)

I searched for the product on the Mac website so you don't have to spend time trying to find it ...   click here to see it.

What is your favourite face powder? What do you think of Studio Fix by MAC?

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