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Hi ya peeps :-)

I thought I would write a Motivation post today. This is more towards being fit and healthy.

I work out in the gym a lot and have also competed in my first bikini competition. I get a lot of people ask me 'how do I stay motivated?' and that they wish they could have the motivation I do.
Well now, i've decided to give you some of that motivation :-) Don't use it all up at once now will you? lol
I do have some tips to share with you though, that could help you stay more motivated. I do some of these things if i'm feeling lazy but need to workout :-)


I find that doing a workout in the morning is so much easier than the evening. I like to get it out the way, then I can shower and get ready for the day and not have to worry about doing it later. Also it can help you feel great so will give you more energy for the day and will make you feel happier :-) 

Doing it in the evening, you tend to feel more lazy and tired from doing stuff in the day or sometimes you end up running out of time as you may be busy. I don't always work out in the morning but it does help, if I had a choice I would get it out the way before my day begins, even if that means getting up a little bit earlier to fit it in. I am quite a morning person too though so I suppose that helps me, I am the type of person who sets the alarm every single day, I prefer not to sleep past 9am if I can help it. The latest I usually like to get up is 8am.



I always need my music. Although saying that when I was training for the bikini competition I stopped listening to it in the gym as I was doing heavier weights and wanted to make sure I wasn't making any loud (raaarrhhh) kinda noises when doing them!lol I love listening to Spotify when I cycle my bike and it gets me excited on the way to the gym then! Also for running a good playlist is a must for me :)


One problem I always had when planning to do a workout was to over think what I was going to do. For example, if I had planned to go for a run. I would sit there thinking reasons I shouldn't go more than why I should! Then in the end I would convince myself that I may as well just go tomorrow...
So that is the one thing I try not to do anymore...I just get up and go without thinking about it and then I am always happier that I did it.


This also goes for eating healthy too. Preparation is the key to success in the health and fitness world.
I learnt this from doing the bikini show. If you want results you need to make the extra time to make it happen! Treat it like brushing your teeth or washing your hair, you always make the time to do these things so why not make the time to do your exercise and prepare meals, etc. Getting meals and your gym bag ready the night before will make life so much easier the next day. You can feel relaxed when you wake up instead of stressed and feeling all rushed. Plus getting your gym bag ready for the morning will give you a reason to go, if you are un prepared it will be like another excuse you will tell yourself, why you shouldn't go! lol I've done it, I


You need to love what you do. You need to enjoy exercise and enjoy making healthy meals. That is half the motivation right there. If you are excited to go for a workout or prepare food then it won't seem like a chore and you won't even need to find motivation!


You start loving exercise one week and you will be really into it. Then suddenly you don't do it for maybe 2 or 3 days and then you struggle to get back into it and the 2-3 days end up being a whole week. I have been there so many times! The best thing is to keep consistent with exercise, if you have an off day, try and keep it to just one day and if two days at least do something active in one of them so you don't fall back into lazy mode. Even if it is just to take the dog for a walk or doing some housework.


Don't feel like you have to do a certain exercise for the sake of it. For example lots of people think they need to go to the gym to get fit but there are so many other ways. You need to find the thing that you really enjoy, it could be a sport, running, swimming, hiking, exercise classes or cycling. Even when you go to the gym, you can change up what you try a new machine or look into exercises you can do with other gym equipment like the dumb bells and exercise ball. Once you find what you enjoy it will become a fun thing to do and so this sorta links with what I said earlier with 'love what you do'


Sometimes working out on your own can be boring so things like exercise classes are great, a run club or just planning to meet a friend to do a workout. I have gone along to these 5k run clubs that happen every saturday, they are free to do but it is really motivating running with loads of people. I also did the Electric run in London this year which was really fun, although you end up stopping to take photos and look at the surroundings most the time, so it isn't a serious type of run! There are also plenty of groups and things online where people talk about fitness and help motivate each other. You could also look into doing something like a bikini competition. Giving yourself a target and something to work towards is great to help you reach your goals and you can meet great like-minded people along the way.


New gym clothes really motivate me to go workout, I feel excited to wear them. It might not even be new gym clothes but maybe a new gym bag, headphones or water bottle. It could be new things for any other sport or exercise you like doing. Basically anything new is always exciting to wear or try out.


Don't starve yourself and then try and exercise or eat a really rubbish meal before as it won't give you any energy and you could end up feeling sick or faint and nobody wants that. You need to make sure the foods are going to give you the right protein and energy. I once tried to work out in the gym after eating noodles for lunch and chocolate for snacks, I felt so faint through my workout, I wasn't able to concentrate properly and just didn't enjoy it at all. Also eating at the right times, you don't want to eat a massive meal and then half an hour later try do an exercise class because you will probably feel sick. I did that once, had my dinner rushed off for a class and half way through had to go outside as I felt really sick and then was finding it hard to carry on after that! I would wait about 2 hours if you eat a meal.

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I hope this post has given you some Motivation and you are now off to do some exercise ;-) Is there anything else that motivates you that I haven't mentioned?



  1. Love your blog! Great tips :)

  2. I really like your Blog :) it'd really motivating and inspiring :) keep up your great work <3

    1. aww thank you :-) that is really nice to hear xx


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