Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hellooo :-)

My life has been so boring lately that when I got to visit family in Brighton I got very excited. I started thinking about idea's for photos and then thought it would be exciting to vlog a video of the day! Of course I was excited to see family too,lol :-)

I love sharing posts like this, travelling about or going to events...just generally fun days out. Who likes these type of posts? They are probably my fave one to do. I actually got invited to a Tea Tasting event next week in London so I can't wait for that and to share it here :-)

Anyway, lets get back to Brighton... I always  tend to babble on before I get to the point,lol

I travelled up on the train with my Mum. We then met my Grandma, Auntie (Paula) and cousin (Kelsey).
We first started by walking around the shops in town for a bit. I didn't buy anything but got very excited seeing all the Autumn fashion that is in the shops now! I am definitely going to Primark soon for a big shop...which then means new haul video on my YouTube Channel Make sure you are subscribed if you want to see that or enjoy my other video's. So then everyone decided to go to Mac Donald's for Lunch. I am not a big fan of the food there and instead saw a cafe next door which looked much more appealing to me so I got food from there instead.

The smoothie was called Green Sweet Citrus Juice It contained Spinach, Carrot, Oranges, Lime and Apple. It was actually really good, my family didn't think it looked so nice,lol I can't quite remember what was in the salad. I mixed up a few different bits which included Cous Cous, Mango, Avocado, Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts, Courgette and various flavourings. It was alright, but as I left it a while before I ate it, It had gone a bit soggy and the bottom of the box was soaking up the juices :-/

We then moved onto 'The Lanes' If you haven't heard of The Lanes in Brighton it is where they have more older/vintage type shops and small boutiques. You also have a variety of food places there too.

I didn't take many photo's shopping but I did of one shop we went into. Maybe because my Aunt was looking in there for a while so I thought may as well get my camera out. This shop was quite cool, it had a lot of interesting things inside. I love Turquoise stoned silver jewellery and they had lots of that too.

You can see the website for Two Feathers Here if you wanted to see more

After we had finished there we headed on to the beach and pier. This is when I took out my SLR camera and started getting snappy happy :-) To be honest though, the actual photo's I had in mind was a bit hard to create. Would be great to go in the evening for some amazing shots when it is more empty. I still felt like I got some cool photo's though.

Hope you like my photo's :-)

So after walking about and taking photo's we spent time on the pier in the amusements and getting donuts. We then said our goodbyes and made our way back to the station. Like I mentioned I did make a video of my day too which you can check out below if you like? If you click into the video you can go to my youtube channel for more and whilst your there don't forget to subscribe or you can go straight to the video page on my channel by clicking here.

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  1. Ohhhh I miss my old home! I love Brighton and you went to my favourite food spot.
    I love the photos.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. Thanks :-) that was the first time i've tried that place and would definitely go back :-) x


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