Monday, 31 August 2015

Birchall Tea Tasting Event in London

Hi everyone,

On Thursday the 27th of August I attended an event in London, it was for the Launch of +Birchall Tea
I was very excited so I vlogged the whole day too which I uploaded to my YouTube Channel, click here to see it. Don't forget to subscribe :-)

The event was held in a beautiful venue called Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, London.

As we arrived through the entrance we were taken through to the Dining Room and were greeted with a glass of champagne :-)

To start, we had an introduction to Birchall Tea. It is a family tradition since 1872 and one of the largest exporters of East African teas which is generally considered to be where the best tea's are found.
The Teas are always 100% pure main grade black leaf tea. This means that there is no powder, dust or stalk added. If you want to know even more about the company then click here.

They have a huge range of Tea's to choose from. This was the first time that I had ventured out into trying Tea's. In the past I use to drink whatever my mum or grandparents would have and nowadays I only drink Green Tea, generally sticking to peppermint or lemon flavour.

We then had a look into the range of Tea's that they had. I've never had a fruit tea before but now I love them. I had a few favourites including, Green Tea with Peach, Red Berry & Flower and the Peppermint one. We got to take home samples of all the tea's so I have been having them every day since. I can see myself re-purchasing some of my favourites and enjoying through the winter season, drinking my tea all nice and cosy. I am literally so excited for Winter and Christmas :-) Is anyone else excited this early? I think this is the first year for me, usually i'm not too bothered until November! Anyway, going off subject here...back to the tea's :-)

Click here to see the range of Green Tea's

Click here to see the range of Black Tea's

Click here to see the range of Fruit & Herbal Infusions

After trying all the tea's we then headed over to the table of treats :-) They had mini sandwiches, I had an egg with onion one and another with salmon. The one with salmon tasted so good! I also picked up a scone, or two...or four? lol and before we left we got to take a few more nibbles for the train journey home!

We then had the first look at the website launch which at that time was only live one hour before we saw it. The website looked amazing, the photography is great and there is lots you can find on there (it's also where you can buy Birchall Tea's if you wanted?) it is worth having a look. You can see it if you click here. 

Before I end the post I had a few more photo's I wanted to share. I could not get over how lovely the interior was of the hotel, even the ladies toilets were amazing. I have never seen toilets like it before,lol

Ladies Toilets. Realised this was the only photo I had of the toilets but you see more in the video.

I had an amazing time at the event, thank you so much to the team for inviting me. I am very grateful for the invite and for the goody bag of Tea's that I got to take home :-) I met a lovely group of people and a few other Bloggers too.

Has anyone else tried Birchall Tea? If not are you eager to now after reading this post? :-)

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Friday, 28 August 2015

BEST Health and Fitness Apps

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share some fitness apps that I really love and think are worth checking out.



I love using this app when I go for a run. It calculates your calories, distance, map route, time..etc
There is a countdown to start you off and it has motivation speeches throughout to keep you going whilst also telling you how you how far you have gone, your pace,etc

You can play your music whilst this app is running and if you come to a stop it will pause and re start once you do. There is more to this app but I just use it for the basic run, so it is worth checking out. It is free to download too so you may as well :-)


I think you can use the running app for walking too, I haven't tried it though as I found this one. I thought this one was very similar to the way the running app works but it is made for walking so I loved using this the most when I was doing daily power walks (training for my bikini competition) It is great for if you go for long walks and interested to see how many calories you burn or to keep a record of your time and route :-) Also a free app to download!


This one is the best one for food. It tracks your calories, protein, carbs and fats. You can enter in your food each day by searching it or scanning the barcode. I won't bore you of everything it does because this is such a popular app anyway, you may have heard of it already. If not then definitely check it out. It can be quite tricky to get use to at first but once you get the hang of it, it's a great app to have. Another FREE download  :-)



This app is great. I am sure a lot of you have heard of this lady, she shares plant based meals, has a YouTube, Blog and a Recipe book. I started off by downloading her app which I really enjoyed, it had great recipes to try out so then I bought her book too. Even tho her book has loads more in I still like to use the app. It's great if I am out and just don't have the book handy I can just pull up something from the app. This one does cost to download which is £2.99.

Have you tried these apps before? If not are you interested to try any out?

I have quite a few more health and fitness apps on my phone but I rarely use them, some I think I've downloaded and then not used at all :-/

Monday, 24 August 2015

MAC Studio Fix - The BEST Face Powder

Today I wanted to share my love for Studio Fix Powder by +MAC Cosmetics

This is my favourite face powder and has been for a while now. Before I was using +RimmelLondon  Clear Complexion which is also really good if you are on a budget. I never really spent my money on Mac products before, I tended to stick with cheaper options from +Superdrug or +Boots UK 

After I ran out of my first Studio Fix Powder I decided it was a little expensive to buy another so went back to drugstore ones but after a while I started to miss it and had noticed the difference compared to cheaper ones. So I decided then to re-purchase it a few months ago, I actually got two without realising , when it came in the post I thought I'd got lucky and they put an extra one in by accident but nope, I had paid for both.. oh well, I new I would want another one anyway so its all good :-)

This powder lasts quite a long time and it's a great little compact to take out in your handbag. Now I have two, I keep one for my handbag and one for the make up drawer :-)
It comes with a sponge applicator but I prefer to use my big make up brush to apply it. I only use the sponge with the one in my bag if I need it. This powder is actually a foundation and powder in one.

The colour I get is c4. I feel this colour is a good match for me, it can give my skin a little glow of tan if i'm looking pale and then when I was on holiday it blended really well too so for me this colour is perfect.

Here is a picture of the powder applied on my face, the left side is with the powder, the right is without (you see the line down the middle of my face very slightly) I applied it here with the sponge so it went on a bit thicker than I usually wear it but this is just so you can see the effect it has :-)

I searched for the product on the Mac website so you don't have to spend time trying to find it ...   click here to see it.

What is your favourite face powder? What do you think of Studio Fix by MAC?

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Hi Everyone, 

I haven't done a wish list type of post before but lately I have been seeing a lot go nice things that I want. I recently sorted out my wardrobe and I am starting to figure out a particular style for myself. I had a mix of clothes before and now I have cut a lot out, I am noticing items that I don't have. I really love the classy, sophisticated look. Then if I was on holiday or it was a summer day, I do like the bohemian/festival look. Then I also like to keep fit so I have my sporty style too :-) 

I really love the items I have put together, what is your favourite piece? If you click the item above it will take you directly to the website for more information. You can also click the little arrow to the right of the items to see more bits I love :-)

Click here to see my most recent Autumn Wish List

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hellooo :-)

My life has been so boring lately that when I got to visit family in Brighton I got very excited. I started thinking about idea's for photos and then thought it would be exciting to vlog a video of the day! Of course I was excited to see family too,lol :-)

I love sharing posts like this, travelling about or going to events...just generally fun days out. Who likes these type of posts? They are probably my fave one to do. I actually got invited to a Tea Tasting event next week in London so I can't wait for that and to share it here :-)

Anyway, lets get back to Brighton... I always  tend to babble on before I get to the point,lol

I travelled up on the train with my Mum. We then met my Grandma, Auntie (Paula) and cousin (Kelsey).
We first started by walking around the shops in town for a bit. I didn't buy anything but got very excited seeing all the Autumn fashion that is in the shops now! I am definitely going to Primark soon for a big shop...which then means new haul video on my YouTube Channel Make sure you are subscribed if you want to see that or enjoy my other video's. So then everyone decided to go to Mac Donald's for Lunch. I am not a big fan of the food there and instead saw a cafe next door which looked much more appealing to me so I got food from there instead.

The smoothie was called Green Sweet Citrus Juice It contained Spinach, Carrot, Oranges, Lime and Apple. It was actually really good, my family didn't think it looked so nice,lol I can't quite remember what was in the salad. I mixed up a few different bits which included Cous Cous, Mango, Avocado, Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts, Courgette and various flavourings. It was alright, but as I left it a while before I ate it, It had gone a bit soggy and the bottom of the box was soaking up the juices :-/

We then moved onto 'The Lanes' If you haven't heard of The Lanes in Brighton it is where they have more older/vintage type shops and small boutiques. You also have a variety of food places there too.

I didn't take many photo's shopping but I did of one shop we went into. Maybe because my Aunt was looking in there for a while so I thought may as well get my camera out. This shop was quite cool, it had a lot of interesting things inside. I love Turquoise stoned silver jewellery and they had lots of that too.

You can see the website for Two Feathers Here if you wanted to see more

After we had finished there we headed on to the beach and pier. This is when I took out my SLR camera and started getting snappy happy :-) To be honest though, the actual photo's I had in mind was a bit hard to create. Would be great to go in the evening for some amazing shots when it is more empty. I still felt like I got some cool photo's though.

Hope you like my photo's :-)

So after walking about and taking photo's we spent time on the pier in the amusements and getting donuts. We then said our goodbyes and made our way back to the station. Like I mentioned I did make a video of my day too which you can check out below if you like? If you click into the video you can go to my youtube channel for more and whilst your there don't forget to subscribe or you can go straight to the video page on my channel by clicking here.

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