Thursday, 30 July 2015

What i eat in a day | Plant-Based | Healthy Eating

Hi everyone :-) 

So i really enjoyed the last post i did on 'What i eat in a day'
This one is quite different to the last one i did, over the past few days i have been trying out some healthy, plant-based meals from
Today has been an 'all natural' food kinda day :-)

1st up for Breakfast i had porridge. This tasted really good and it filled me up nicely.

I didn't even need a morning snack as the porridge filled me up nicely. I then made this Carrot, Lentil & Raisin Salad which i had yesterday too. Butternut Squash tastes so good, only thing is cutting it up, it really can cramp your hand up! lol The only thing i didn't add in this was the Tahini sauce as i didn't have any but it tasted great without it anyway.

I then felt peckish in the afternoon so i decided to have some mixed fruit of Raspberries, Blackberries and Strawberries. Some of the best berries for you :-)

For dinner i made Risotto again. I had this yesterday too and as i chopped up quite a lot of veg, i decided to keep half for today. Yesterday i used a vegetable stock cube in this but didn't do that today, i had actually gone to Asda and found some Tahini sauce so added that. I do wish i had put the stock cube in today as i noticed the difference and i preferred it with. The Avocado also tasted great with this.

Then for dessert i made this yesterday, a Banana, Cinnamon and Almond Crumble.
I had some extra so i saved it for today, i got two portions out of it so had some just after i finished dinner and then the second bit i finished about half hour ago. I just warmed it up in the microwave and ate it like it was. I would have liked to add some ice-cream or cream with it but then that defeats the whole idea of being healthy and didn't have the right equipment or ingredients to make a healthy ice cream. The great thing about this dessert though is that is great on it's own. 
I will be honest, it's not as great the second day warmed up but the day you make, it is just amazing :-)

I did have 3 Lemon Green Tea's today with my meals. I use the ones from 'Clipper' which i think is the best i have come across :-)

Let me know what your favourite meal i have shown is?
Has anyone else tried Deliciously Ella's recipes? 
I downloaded the app which i found great and it got me ordering the book last night which i am really excited for. Next i need to buy a food processor as she uses it for a lot of recipes and then i want a juice maker...i just want it all :-D I do love experimenting with food these days!


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