Monday, 13 July 2015

Topshop Beauty - Gorgeous Bright Green Nails

I recently went shopping and bought this Nail Polish. The colour really stood out to me and as i didn't have anything like it i just had to get it. This nail polish needs two coats, as below from the picture you can see what it looks like from one coat and then two coats on the right...

I didn't even bother with a base or a top coat and this lasted about 2 full days before it started to chip away. The first day i was busy working so would be using my hands to undo zips on bags and use the till at work etc. The second day it was a Sunday and we all know what they consist of... :-D So chilling, eating and watching films!

So for not putting any base or top coat on i think this lasted pretty well and i love the colour. I wasn't sure on this at first because the colour was a bit transparent but after two coats and once it had fully dried it wasn't too bad!

This was £6 from +Topshop and is in the colour, Bright Green

What do you think of Topshop nail polishes? I have only got one other in a Matte shade which i love but want to try more out :-) i really like the small cute bottles too! 



  1. This colour is simply gorgeous and perfect for summer. Great pick. Lovely review and really helpful.



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