Friday, 10 July 2015


Top +River Island
Shoes + Trousers +Primark
Cardigan + Rucksack +New Look 

On Wednesday i went Brighton Shopping with my Mum and it was my first time in ages that i have dedicated one whole day to shopping so i was very excited! :-D
I had some birthday money to spend and some vouchers for Topshop too.

My Mum wanted to look around for a dress she was going to be wearing to a friends wedding, so we started by heading down the lanes as she wanted a vintage/50's style dress.
We first stopped in this shop (pictured above) which i quite liked myself. They had some nice dresses that she tried on and some also caught my eye :-)

She then wanted to go into an Antique store and i started seeing little saucer and cup sets which i really like lately. They look so pretty, i was tempted to buy some but my mum mentioned she has one in the cupboard so i used it when we got back and of course uploaded a picture of it to my Instagram @carlycx :-D
I did see these mugs though which i took a photo of, i was so tempted to buy them as i saw ones similar in a Tumblr photo a while back, but being nearly £10 for both i just wasn't sure so never bought them in the end.

We then went to the pier for some Chips, my favourite place is the one to the right of the pier next to where those trampolines are (if you know where i mean?) Has anyone else had chips from there? They are amazing! :-)

It was on and off rain most the day until late afternoon when it finally cleared up. I thought the clouds looked pretty cool in the photo's above though :-)

After we had some food we then headed to Churchill Square and went into +Topshop I think i spent about an hour in there, tried things on and couldn't make up my mind. As i had a limit on spending money too it's always more frustrating trying to pick things! I did pick up a few beauty items though.

After that we went to a few more shops including +Boots UK where i got some makeup bits and some plasters as had the worst blister on my heel! TIP: Wear comfortable shoes when shopping, my pumps i wore i thought would be, but they didn't have any padding so felt like i was stepping on the pavement with bare feet almost!lol It was a long day walking around as we decided to walk back up to the pier to get donuts :-D (It was worth it though) 

To conclude the day my Mum didn't find a dress and i didn't get any clothes, just some beauty bits from Boots.

I did go shopping yesterday though to finish off spending my vouchers. Even though me and my Mum didn't come back with much it was still a lovely day out, i love spending time with my Mum and i love going to Brighton...and i love donuts :-D

A few Tips for going shopping...

1. Wear comfy shoes
2. Wear something loose/easy to change in and out from
3. Bring the essentials, water, a snack? portable phone charger (that is charged) mine wasn't :-(
and bring some plasters just incase!
4. Take photo's of outfits you try on and label what shop it is so you can refer back when making decisions on what to buy
5. Take a rucksack as it's so much easier having both hands free to look through rails of clothes and then it's one less bag to carry in your hands when you have so much shopping to carry too :-)

You can see a video of my day in Brighton if you Click Here

Also here is my Haul Video i filmed showing what i ended up buying over the two days :-)
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Love Carly x


  1. love your pants, i'd love to visit brighton one day :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thank you, and yes, Brighton is a must place to visit! :-) x

  2. Love the quirky dresses! Brighton is always great fun! x


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