Tuesday, 21 July 2015

OOTD - Summer Evening | Skorts & Crop Top

I absolutely loved this outfit i wore the other day. It was a warm Summers Evening and i went to Nando's. I had the quinoa salad with a side of half a chicken which i added in, i love this salad, you can see a photo of it HERE! After that i then went to the Cinema to see the Terminator film :-)

I am still wondering if i like this bag that much? It's a middle size which is great to fit things in but i kept thinking at times, it looked as though I'm carrying a bag that was suppose to be bigger but it shrunk? :-/ What do you think of the bag?

I took these sunglasses with me which only cost me £1 from Primark, only thing is when i smiled the glasses rose up of my nose a bit but they were £1, i can't really complain lol

I really love wearing these skorts (shorts but made to look like a skirt at the front) I am feeling very fat at the moment so i feel they do a great job at hiding that jelly belly i have under there! :-D lol

Even though it was warm i felt like going for my ankle boots as have always gone for sandals. I thought the boots dressed the outfit up a bit and went really well!

Nail Varnish i am wearing: Morgan taylor
Top - +Topshop 
Skorts - +Topshop 
Boots - +Primark 
Necklace - +Primark 
Bag - +Primark 
Sunglasses - +Primark 



  1. HI Carly, Loving this skirt especially. I did a post on Crop Tops recently, was fun to show how I can rock it at almost 40 and after 3 kids! LOL. Hope you had a fun night out.

    1. Thank you :-) lol that is great you can still have fun wearing them :-)
      and i had a great night thanks :-) x

  2. Dear Carly, that´s a really cool outfit! I like your hair :-)

    With love, Melina

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry this reply is SO LATE! :/ lol i have only just seen it but feel bad if i don't reply, even if it is so long after! Happy New Year! :-D x


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