Sunday, 12 July 2015

OOTD - Summer Denim Dress & Heels

Hi Everybody!
I loved my outfit so much yesterday that it deserved it's own blog post :-D 

Denim Dress & Shoes +New Look 
Sunglasses +Ray Ban 
Bag & Caridgan +Primark 
Nails & Lippy +Topshop 

I saw my boyfriend and we had some drinks at he's house. He cooked us Risotto for Dinner with a cherry tart for afters (Tart not made, that was from Tesco!) and we watched Fast & Furious Five as it was on the TV.

I recently just bought this denim dress and shoes which i love. I think this dress is a great staple item for my wardrobe. I did rush to catch the train though and was first time wearing the shoes in so i ended up with blisters all over my toes :-/ 
I already had this tanned tassle bag which went really well with the shoes, it wasn't long ago i bought the bag and now i finally have some tanned colour shoes to go with it :-)
The cardigan is a little older and i just brought it with me when it got a bit more chilly.
The other bag from +Lipsy London i brought as i was staying over the night.

I am loving the nail polish i wore which i will be doing a blog post on very soon, just testing out how long it will last before it starts to chip :-) The lippy i just bought and i did actually edit that head shot photo in snap chat so made my lips look more red when in fact it is a bright pink but i really love how pigmented the colour is and it will be featuring on my blog very soon as well :-) You can see the pinkness in the photo's below a bit better.

I am loving denim dresses right now.. or anything denim really :-D
I still want to buy a denim skirt!

What is your favourite Denim piece this Summer?
Leave your comments below :-)

Thanks for reading,
Love Carly



  1. Cute outfit! I'm really curious to see what lipstick that is, it looks great on you. This summer I'm loving this cute pair of denim flats I found that have little white polka dots on them :)

    1. Thanks :-) Aw yeah they sound really nice. I love polkadots too :-) x


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