Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Kate Moss - NUDE LIPS

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This is a lipstick from Rimmel Kate Moss NUDE Collection.

When i saw this on the shelf i was immediately drawn to it. I think the packaging is really pretty and i love natural colours.
There are 5 shades in total and this is the second to the lightest one they had in shade number 42.

I think it comes out a really nice colour and is really pigmented. 

I bought mine from +Boots UK - £5.49

I personally love this shade and is now one of my go to daily lipsticks :-)
Has anyone else tried a lipstick from this collection?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. I really need that shade its so pretty :)
    I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks so this range seems perfect to me.

    1. I was worried it was going to give me that 'no lips' look but it was actually a really lovely colour :-) x


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