Friday, 24 July 2015

COCOA BROWN - 1 Hour Tan Mousse | Marissa Carter

Hi everyone :-)

It is about time i got around to talking about Cocoa Brown Tan

I got this in the post just as i came back of holiday a month ago so i was pretty tanned from the holiday, i went to Tunisia by the way which was so nice, the hotel was amazing. You can check it out here if you like

So once i got back it then got really hot here in England and it reached about 30 degrees so didn't really need to fake tan which is why it has taken me longer to do this post!

This was the first time i have used cocoa brown products, the other fake tans i have used before are  St.Moriz, Loreal & Xen Tan. 

I used this product all over my body and on my face too.  It says 1 hour tan but you can also leave it on for 3 hours for a more intense tan, which i did.  I did exfoliate and moisturise for 3 days prior to applying this tan and made sure i applied it onto clean, dry skin.

Things i liked about the product

*  I liked how when you put it on, you can see where it goes on the skin and can make sure any lines are blended in. (Tip: rub in quick though or lines will be harder to blend)

When i first applied it i quite liked the smell it had, i can't really describe it but it was just a great smell :-D

I really love the packaging, it's a great colour that stands out and very girly

Things i didn't like about the product

* When I first applied it did smell nice, but i had washed it off i started to smell that fake tan smell on my skin, it wasn't majorly strong but if I have to give some negative feedback then that would be it!

before & after
This is me before applying the tan (no makeup) 
After tan had been applied

After i have washed it off and applied light natural makeup
I think it made a difference and gave me a nice colour! The colour lasted for about 4-5 days before i didn't really notice it anymore and it took 2 more showers for the mousse product to completely rinse off. I think i have covered everything about this tan?... Has anyone else tried this? What did you think?

You can check out Cocoa Brown website here 

After trying this i did like it and would recommend the brand. You get a natural glowy tan overall which is great and i would give it an 8/10.  

What is your all time favourite fake tan?



  1. This looks so natural! I definitely going to have to pick this up x

    1. It is definitely great for a natural tan look. Let me know what you think of it if you do get it? :-) x

  2. U look so pretty without makeup!


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