Thursday, 30 July 2015

What i eat in a day | Plant-Based | Healthy Eating

Hi everyone :-) 

So i really enjoyed the last post i did on 'What i eat in a day'
This one is quite different to the last one i did, over the past few days i have been trying out some healthy, plant-based meals from
Today has been an 'all natural' food kinda day :-)

1st up for Breakfast i had porridge. This tasted really good and it filled me up nicely.

I didn't even need a morning snack as the porridge filled me up nicely. I then made this Carrot, Lentil & Raisin Salad which i had yesterday too. Butternut Squash tastes so good, only thing is cutting it up, it really can cramp your hand up! lol The only thing i didn't add in this was the Tahini sauce as i didn't have any but it tasted great without it anyway.

I then felt peckish in the afternoon so i decided to have some mixed fruit of Raspberries, Blackberries and Strawberries. Some of the best berries for you :-)

For dinner i made Risotto again. I had this yesterday too and as i chopped up quite a lot of veg, i decided to keep half for today. Yesterday i used a vegetable stock cube in this but didn't do that today, i had actually gone to Asda and found some Tahini sauce so added that. I do wish i had put the stock cube in today as i noticed the difference and i preferred it with. The Avocado also tasted great with this.

Then for dessert i made this yesterday, a Banana, Cinnamon and Almond Crumble.
I had some extra so i saved it for today, i got two portions out of it so had some just after i finished dinner and then the second bit i finished about half hour ago. I just warmed it up in the microwave and ate it like it was. I would have liked to add some ice-cream or cream with it but then that defeats the whole idea of being healthy and didn't have the right equipment or ingredients to make a healthy ice cream. The great thing about this dessert though is that is great on it's own. 
I will be honest, it's not as great the second day warmed up but the day you make, it is just amazing :-)

I did have 3 Lemon Green Tea's today with my meals. I use the ones from 'Clipper' which i think is the best i have come across :-)

Let me know what your favourite meal i have shown is?
Has anyone else tried Deliciously Ella's recipes? 
I downloaded the app which i found great and it got me ordering the book last night which i am really excited for. Next i need to buy a food processor as she uses it for a lot of recipes and then i want a juice maker...i just want it all :-D I do love experimenting with food these days!


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Topshop Makeup - Lip Bullet

Today i wanted to share these two makeup products that i bought from +Topshop 

They are very pigmented and they are really moisturising on the lips but are not glossy, which is what i like :-)
I want to get some more colours, especially going to look for one in red as it starts to roll into the Christmas season!
When you apply them they are very bold in colour, if you want them a bit more subtle then i like to rub/blend with my finger and it looks a bit better like that.

The next two pictures are a before and after. The one on the left is how it looks straight as i apply it. Very bold and thick. 
The photo on the right is after i have smudged it with my finger to give a more softer feel, which i much prefer.
You can see my latest > youtube video < where i am wearing the pink one if you like. I had it on a little while there so it had time to sink into my skin and look a little less bright and thick!

The picture below i took to show the orange/coral shade which is called 'Heartbeat'

This next photo i posted on my Instagram and in the picture i am wearing the pink colour, called 'Back in the game'

Has anyone else tried these Lip Bullets from +Topshop 
What did you think of them?


Friday, 24 July 2015

COCOA BROWN - 1 Hour Tan Mousse | Marissa Carter

Hi everyone :-)

It is about time i got around to talking about Cocoa Brown Tan

I got this in the post just as i came back of holiday a month ago so i was pretty tanned from the holiday, i went to Tunisia by the way which was so nice, the hotel was amazing. You can check it out here if you like

So once i got back it then got really hot here in England and it reached about 30 degrees so didn't really need to fake tan which is why it has taken me longer to do this post!

This was the first time i have used cocoa brown products, the other fake tans i have used before are  St.Moriz, Loreal & Xen Tan. 

I used this product all over my body and on my face too.  It says 1 hour tan but you can also leave it on for 3 hours for a more intense tan, which i did.  I did exfoliate and moisturise for 3 days prior to applying this tan and made sure i applied it onto clean, dry skin.

Things i liked about the product

*  I liked how when you put it on, you can see where it goes on the skin and can make sure any lines are blended in. (Tip: rub in quick though or lines will be harder to blend)

When i first applied it i quite liked the smell it had, i can't really describe it but it was just a great smell :-D

I really love the packaging, it's a great colour that stands out and very girly

Things i didn't like about the product

* When I first applied it did smell nice, but i had washed it off i started to smell that fake tan smell on my skin, it wasn't majorly strong but if I have to give some negative feedback then that would be it!

before & after
This is me before applying the tan (no makeup) 
After tan had been applied

After i have washed it off and applied light natural makeup
I think it made a difference and gave me a nice colour! The colour lasted for about 4-5 days before i didn't really notice it anymore and it took 2 more showers for the mousse product to completely rinse off. I think i have covered everything about this tan?... Has anyone else tried this? What did you think?

You can check out Cocoa Brown website here 

After trying this i did like it and would recommend the brand. You get a natural glowy tan overall which is great and i would give it an 8/10.  

What is your all time favourite fake tan?


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

OOTD - Summer Evening | Skorts & Crop Top

I absolutely loved this outfit i wore the other day. It was a warm Summers Evening and i went to Nando's. I had the quinoa salad with a side of half a chicken which i added in, i love this salad, you can see a photo of it HERE! After that i then went to the Cinema to see the Terminator film :-)

I am still wondering if i like this bag that much? It's a middle size which is great to fit things in but i kept thinking at times, it looked as though I'm carrying a bag that was suppose to be bigger but it shrunk? :-/ What do you think of the bag?

I took these sunglasses with me which only cost me £1 from Primark, only thing is when i smiled the glasses rose up of my nose a bit but they were £1, i can't really complain lol

I really love wearing these skorts (shorts but made to look like a skirt at the front) I am feeling very fat at the moment so i feel they do a great job at hiding that jelly belly i have under there! :-D lol

Even though it was warm i felt like going for my ankle boots as have always gone for sandals. I thought the boots dressed the outfit up a bit and went really well!

Nail Varnish i am wearing: Morgan taylor
Top - +Topshop 
Skorts - +Topshop 
Boots - +Primark 
Necklace - +Primark 
Bag - +Primark 
Sunglasses - +Primark 


Saturday, 18 July 2015


This lippy is AMAZING!!! I love it and want to purchase more colours :-)

The best thing about this is how pigmented the colour is, how bright and good it looks on the lips. 
It is really moisturising and lasts quite well too. 

This colour is number 210, called Unapologetic

At the moment they are doing a Buy 3 For 2 - Cheapest FREE
Or Free Gift when you buy 3 Revlon Products

They are the two deals i just saw online. When i was in store it was buy 3 products and choose a Nail Polish for FREE.

CLICK HERE! to find out more on the +Boots UK website

Anyone else tried this product? What did you think?

Did you know i also have a youtube channel, i would love for you all to check it out and maybe subscribe whilst your there :-)
>>> BeautyWithStyle <<<


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Kate Moss - NUDE LIPS

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This is a lipstick from Rimmel Kate Moss NUDE Collection.

When i saw this on the shelf i was immediately drawn to it. I think the packaging is really pretty and i love natural colours.
There are 5 shades in total and this is the second to the lightest one they had in shade number 42.

I think it comes out a really nice colour and is really pigmented. 

I bought mine from +Boots UK - £5.49

I personally love this shade and is now one of my go to daily lipsticks :-)
Has anyone else tried a lipstick from this collection?
What are your thoughts?

Have you seen the last review i wrote on +Topshop Nail Polish

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Topshop Beauty - Gorgeous Bright Green Nails

I recently went shopping and bought this Nail Polish. The colour really stood out to me and as i didn't have anything like it i just had to get it. This nail polish needs two coats, as below from the picture you can see what it looks like from one coat and then two coats on the right...

I didn't even bother with a base or a top coat and this lasted about 2 full days before it started to chip away. The first day i was busy working so would be using my hands to undo zips on bags and use the till at work etc. The second day it was a Sunday and we all know what they consist of... :-D So chilling, eating and watching films!

So for not putting any base or top coat on i think this lasted pretty well and i love the colour. I wasn't sure on this at first because the colour was a bit transparent but after two coats and once it had fully dried it wasn't too bad!

This was £6 from +Topshop and is in the colour, Bright Green

What do you think of Topshop nail polishes? I have only got one other in a Matte shade which i love but want to try more out :-) i really like the small cute bottles too! 


Sunday, 12 July 2015

OOTD - Summer Denim Dress & Heels

Hi Everybody!
I loved my outfit so much yesterday that it deserved it's own blog post :-D 

Denim Dress & Shoes +New Look 
Sunglasses +Ray Ban 
Bag & Caridgan +Primark 
Nails & Lippy +Topshop 

I saw my boyfriend and we had some drinks at he's house. He cooked us Risotto for Dinner with a cherry tart for afters (Tart not made, that was from Tesco!) and we watched Fast & Furious Five as it was on the TV.

I recently just bought this denim dress and shoes which i love. I think this dress is a great staple item for my wardrobe. I did rush to catch the train though and was first time wearing the shoes in so i ended up with blisters all over my toes :-/ 
I already had this tanned tassle bag which went really well with the shoes, it wasn't long ago i bought the bag and now i finally have some tanned colour shoes to go with it :-)
The cardigan is a little older and i just brought it with me when it got a bit more chilly.
The other bag from +Lipsy London i brought as i was staying over the night.

I am loving the nail polish i wore which i will be doing a blog post on very soon, just testing out how long it will last before it starts to chip :-) The lippy i just bought and i did actually edit that head shot photo in snap chat so made my lips look more red when in fact it is a bright pink but i really love how pigmented the colour is and it will be featuring on my blog very soon as well :-) You can see the pinkness in the photo's below a bit better.

I am loving denim dresses right now.. or anything denim really :-D
I still want to buy a denim skirt!

What is your favourite Denim piece this Summer?
Leave your comments below :-)

Thanks for reading,
Love Carly

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