Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What's in my BEACH/POOL Bag? On Holiday :-)

I recently got back from holiday and used my beach/pool bag every day.
I personally find 'what's in my bag' video's/blog posts really interesting and it can sometimes remind you of things you might need yourself :-)

Things in my bag:

  •  A book (I was currently reading Zoella's book - Girl Online)
  •  Headphones
  •  Mobile Phone
  •  Sun Cream
  •  Hair grips/band
  •  Plasters
  • Hand Gel/Wipes
  • Water 
  • Sweets/Mints
  • Sunglasses
  • Lipbalm
  • Camera
  • Bite Cream

There are loads of other things you could add to your bag when going to the beach or pool but i have just listed the bits that i took in mine whilst staying at the hotel. 

I filmed a 'What's in my Beach Bag?' video on my Youtube channel so you can CLICK HERE to watch that. I filmed it on the actual beach too :-)

Blog post on the holiday: Holiday in TUNISIA

Vlog videos on my second Youtube Channel: lifewithcarlyc

Thanks for reading :-)

Be sure to follow my blog and youtube for more video's and posts and i hope you all have a great week :-)

Love Carly x

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