Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Summer is here and we all need that Summer Glow to our skin :-)

These two Body Butters from +The Body Shop UK smell Amazing!

I just got these for my Birthday. I got Moringa and Pink Grapefruit. These ones are really great for the summer.
I've had the Moringa one before and it is really light and hydrating, great for dry skin.
The grapefruit has a really strong smell and once on the skin smells really nice and fruity :-) Again this one is really hydrating and light, this one is good for normal skin.
Both of these i have tried once but i can tell you now that Body Butters are worth trying out if you haven't already. If your looking for summer body creams then these two are great!

I did a blog post on Body Butters ages ago, if you want to check that out you can HERE I go into more detail in that one and give a few tips for using them too so check it out.

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