Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fresh Fruit Water - Healthy Tips

This is one of my favourite ways to drink my water in the summer. It also gives you the benefits from the fruit whilst keeping dehydrated :-)

Today I added cucumber in mine. I have also added a mix of frozen berries before. I love adding raspberries as it tastes really good, like a raspberry juice. I've had lemon before too, that is really good but obviously lemon is a citrus fruit so it's very acidic, I try avoid having it too much.

This water bottle was giving to me as a Christmas present or birthday, i can't actually remember!
It was bought from Amazon though. You open the lid and add whatever fruit you like inside the middle bit. You can check out this exact bottle HERE Otherwise you can google fruit water bottles and loads more will show :-)

Does anyone else use these water bottles? What is your favourite fruit to add? Leave your comments below :-)

Love Carly x

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  1. This is such a great tip, especially as it's coming to summer!
    Great post xx


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