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Bikini/Fitness Competitor - Beginners Guide

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I entered my first Bikini Competition back in April this year. I learnt a lot from competing and thought it was about time i shared some of my advice and tips with anyone else out there who is thinking about doing it.
I know how much time i spent researching and looking up for posts on this. There is a lot of things i could talk about related to competing but i will try to keep it to just starting out. If there is anything else you would like me to share then leave any comments to let me know :-)

Things to be aware of before starting:

  • Money - You will need money for food and most healthy food is a bit more expensive. You will need to buy supplements and protein powder, bikini, heels, you will need a tan but i do recommend an actual show tan as they will know exactly how to do it to be stage ready and they do touch ups on the day. You will need to think about beauty treatments near the day of the show too such as waxing, nails, hair etc. Then you have travel costs, maybe a hotel to stay the night before and then the fee to enter the show, depending how many categories you want to enter for as well. Also a gym membership will be handy :-)
  • Time - This will take up a lot of your free time so be prepared to put the extra effort in. You may need to get up really early to workout before you start work and then after work too. You will need to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep too as this will effect your body and then that can effect your training, etc.
  • Commitment - You may need to miss out on social events. If you have great will power then sure you can go out with friends but you will need to make sure you stick to your diet wherever you go. You need to be prepared to spend most of your time working out or preparing food so that means you may need to turn down invites out or miss your favourite TV show, lol I recorded Hollyoaks so i tried to catch up when i could :-D  
  • Confidence - You will be walking on stage in front of people in a two piece bikini and it is usually a very small bikini! You don't have to be really confident to begin with and as long as you TRY that is all that matters, you will also get more confident as you start to love your new body too :-) I also think you need to be confident in doing your workouts. I remember back in the day when i use to be worried about people looking at me working out in the gym and sometimes would avoid using a machine all together just because i wasn't confident in what i was doing, but with competing you can't afford to miss workouts or miss doing your sets because you feel embarrassed. Also things like sweating loads or pulling weird faces when dead lifting,lol - I wasn't very confident myself  sometimes and on stage i was nervous (my lips were shaking) I would advise to get somebody to train you and get use to using the gym and using different machines before you start your actual diet and training programme. 

Things you will need before starting:

  • Set of scales
  • My Fitness Pal - App (i really recommend using this as it is very helpful)
  • Protein Shakers
  • Protein Powders
  • Tupperware
  • Pill Box to keep your supplements in
  • Stop Watch to time your rest periods between sets (or use phone timer) but set phone to no distractions :-)
  • Fitness Gloves for using weights
  • Gym Membership as you will need to use certain gym equipment through the training
  • A plan/notebook or folder - I have a folder with all my workouts i did so i could record my progress in the gym and i had a guide so i knew what to do. It also included recipes, Macros i would be cutting down to each week, meal options, etc. My boyfriend actually helped get me started with everything i needed to know as he is a Personal Trainer so that was a bonus for me :-)

I think that is everything i have covered to help you get started and giving you a little insight about what is to be expected :-) If you feel there is anything i have missed please let me know in the comments :-)

You can see my blog post from show day here: Pure Elite Competition April

Here is my video of the Show :-)

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