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Amazing Hotel in Gjerba, Tunisia

This is a continued post from the first one i did. If you haven't seen that you can check it out HERE

I wasn't sure if to do a second one as i did cover most about the hotel in the first post but i had so many more amazing pictures to share i thought it had to be done :-)

Palm Beach Palace Hotel ~ It had just been re-furbished and was a 5*. We booked a last minute deal and went for a week All Inclusive. (Adults Only Hotel)

My first try on a Hammock wasn't great....yes i fell off...twice,lol

I loved the pool at night! Looked so pretty
We had a room upgrade with a four poster bed!! I loved it :-)
These lights on the wall were so pretty

We sat outside for food sometimes which was really nice
One of my favourite photo's i took :-)
Saxophone Guy. Evening Entertainment wasn't always that great, probably the one thing about the place i would rate low
The indoor pool we tried out on the one cloudy day we had, it wasn't that warm and we didn't stay in there for long
We then tried the Jacuzzi and again wasn't really that warm, my boyfriend didn't enjoy sitting in an un-warm Jacuzzi so we only took a photo then got out,lol
Aqua class in the pool

Too many cocktails :-p

The moon added a nice touch :-)
I found the camels very interesting to watch, i find them chewing really amusing, is it just me? lol My boyfriend did a good impression :-)
About to go on a Jet Ski for the first time. We went out in a group, 4 Jet Ski's and a speed boat. We went out to another island, so we rode for about 45 minutes before getting to land and my whole body hurt from tensing and holding on for dear life,lol I screamed quite a few times and hated it at first but got use to it after a bit. I would go on one again but i wouldn't want to ride for so long before stopping next time!

The island we stopped at after Jet Skiing, We then went back and i stayed in the speed boat this time with two other girls. 

They set up tables around the pool for a special evening called Sunset Dinner, even though we couldn't see sunset it was so nice.

It was only us and 3 other couples sitting outside, i rushed to get ready in 20 minutes as we found out dinner started at 7pm and we thought it would be packed outside......but nope, we were first to choose a table! :-) I don't think people liked the cold. The evenings were never that warm, there was a bit of wind and i think it was about 17 degrees most evenings. I didn't care that night tho i wanted to sit outside and being one of the few couples there was actually quite nice :-)
The classic Plane Photo :-D ...Good bye Tunisia, thanks for having me!
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  1. it looks awesome. such a great place to stay! lovely to see camels on the beach too!! shah
    i've never been there before so thx for sharing the pics and make me travel with images<3

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube

    1. I'm glad you liked the pictures. That was the first time i've seen Camels on a beach, actually the first time i had seen real camels :-o lol x

  2. <3

  3. I'm loving the holiday snaps, it looks like you had such a good time! I'm totally drooling over the food pics, everything looks delicious! x


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