Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Summer is here and we all need that Summer Glow to our skin :-)

These two Body Butters from +The Body Shop UK smell Amazing!

I just got these for my Birthday. I got Moringa and Pink Grapefruit. These ones are really great for the summer.
I've had the Moringa one before and it is really light and hydrating, great for dry skin.
The grapefruit has a really strong smell and once on the skin smells really nice and fruity :-) Again this one is really hydrating and light, this one is good for normal skin.
Both of these i have tried once but i can tell you now that Body Butters are worth trying out if you haven't already. If your looking for summer body creams then these two are great!

I did a blog post on Body Butters ages ago, if you want to check that out you can HERE I go into more detail in that one and give a few tips for using them too so check it out.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bikini/Fitness Competitor - Beginners Guide

Hi there :-)

I entered my first Bikini Competition back in April this year. I learnt a lot from competing and thought it was about time i shared some of my advice and tips with anyone else out there who is thinking about doing it.
I know how much time i spent researching and looking up for posts on this. There is a lot of things i could talk about related to competing but i will try to keep it to just starting out. If there is anything else you would like me to share then leave any comments to let me know :-)

Things to be aware of before starting:

  • Money - You will need money for food and most healthy food is a bit more expensive. You will need to buy supplements and protein powder, bikini, heels, you will need a tan but i do recommend an actual show tan as they will know exactly how to do it to be stage ready and they do touch ups on the day. You will need to think about beauty treatments near the day of the show too such as waxing, nails, hair etc. Then you have travel costs, maybe a hotel to stay the night before and then the fee to enter the show, depending how many categories you want to enter for as well. Also a gym membership will be handy :-)
  • Time - This will take up a lot of your free time so be prepared to put the extra effort in. You may need to get up really early to workout before you start work and then after work too. You will need to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep too as this will effect your body and then that can effect your training, etc.
  • Commitment - You may need to miss out on social events. If you have great will power then sure you can go out with friends but you will need to make sure you stick to your diet wherever you go. You need to be prepared to spend most of your time working out or preparing food so that means you may need to turn down invites out or miss your favourite TV show, lol I recorded Hollyoaks so i tried to catch up when i could :-D  
  • Confidence - You will be walking on stage in front of people in a two piece bikini and it is usually a very small bikini! You don't have to be really confident to begin with and as long as you TRY that is all that matters, you will also get more confident as you start to love your new body too :-) I also think you need to be confident in doing your workouts. I remember back in the day when i use to be worried about people looking at me working out in the gym and sometimes would avoid using a machine all together just because i wasn't confident in what i was doing, but with competing you can't afford to miss workouts or miss doing your sets because you feel embarrassed. Also things like sweating loads or pulling weird faces when dead lifting,lol - I wasn't very confident myself  sometimes and on stage i was nervous (my lips were shaking) I would advise to get somebody to train you and get use to using the gym and using different machines before you start your actual diet and training programme. 

Things you will need before starting:

  • Set of scales
  • My Fitness Pal - App (i really recommend using this as it is very helpful)
  • Protein Shakers
  • Protein Powders
  • Tupperware
  • Pill Box to keep your supplements in
  • Stop Watch to time your rest periods between sets (or use phone timer) but set phone to no distractions :-)
  • Fitness Gloves for using weights
  • Gym Membership as you will need to use certain gym equipment through the training
  • A plan/notebook or folder - I have a folder with all my workouts i did so i could record my progress in the gym and i had a guide so i knew what to do. It also included recipes, Macros i would be cutting down to each week, meal options, etc. My boyfriend actually helped get me started with everything i needed to know as he is a Personal Trainer so that was a bonus for me :-)

I think that is everything i have covered to help you get started and giving you a little insight about what is to be expected :-) If you feel there is anything i have missed please let me know in the comments :-)

You can see my blog post from show day here: Pure Elite Competition April

Here is my video of the Show :-)

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fresh Fruit Water - Healthy Tips

This is one of my favourite ways to drink my water in the summer. It also gives you the benefits from the fruit whilst keeping dehydrated :-)

Today I added cucumber in mine. I have also added a mix of frozen berries before. I love adding raspberries as it tastes really good, like a raspberry juice. I've had lemon before too, that is really good but obviously lemon is a citrus fruit so it's very acidic, I try avoid having it too much.

This water bottle was giving to me as a Christmas present or birthday, i can't actually remember!
It was bought from Amazon though. You open the lid and add whatever fruit you like inside the middle bit. You can check out this exact bottle HERE Otherwise you can google fruit water bottles and loads more will show :-)

Does anyone else use these water bottles? What is your favourite fruit to add? Leave your comments below :-)

Love Carly x

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Bed Time Beauty Routine (Summer 2015)

Hello fellow blog readers :-D

I have wanted to write a post on my night time beauty routine for a while now and i have finally got round to doing it!

Now I don't think that my night time routine is really 'all that' to be fair,lol but I do love reading these type of posts so thought it would be fun to share still.

This is a routine I have done for maybe the past few months. 

I start by removing any makeup. I was using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish until it ran out a few days ago so now I am using the brand 'Simple' Eye Makeup Remover. This isn't a favourite product of mine though, I had it in my beauty basket so I used it lol The product is ok but after I have removed my makeup my skin feels quite rough and dry to touch so always need to moisturise after. I also wouldn't lick your lips straight after either as it doesn't taste too good! :-p

I then use my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml Toner). I have had this toner for a few months now and use it almost every day and still have a fair amount left. I love Liz Earle products because they are kind to the skin and include natural ingredients. 

A lot of people I guess would cleanse there face too but I don't tend to this in the evening. I just skip straight to moisturiser next. Again I was using the Liz Earle one but as that ran out I am now using Loreal Revitalift which my mum actually gave me, she hadn't opened it as was already using one so she gave it to me. This particular one is a good all rounder for most people, it targets a lot of things.. dull complexion, dryness, fine lines, etc it also has SPF20 in too...just what I need for my night time routine aye? ;-) 

Next I apply an eye cream, the No7 Lift & Luminate. I got this for my birthday last year, wow, that was a whole year ago! :-/ I will be celebrating my birthday again soon, on the 28th! I will be turning 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially going to be an old lady! :-( good thing my mum did give me that moisturiser...I need something to fight them wrinkles, ha! Anyway lets get back on track here... :-) 

I then apply my spot cream if I have any spots, which is usually a daily thing lately :-/
The one I have is specifically for acne. My mum got me this from the pharmacy she works at a little while back. It was when I was coming up in really bad spots and no products were really helping until my mum got me this Quinoderm product then I started to see a difference. I apply the smallest amount onto a spot and it does really help. It is very drying to the skin though so I make sure I don't rub it around the spot as before it has made my skin very dry and red because it is very strong!

Next I use a Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate oil. I got this 'free' with my toner, moisturiser and cleanser when I bought it all as a deal. It smooths and re-balances the look of your skin. It also has an aroma smell which I like to breathe in as it helps me relax which is great to use before bed. I massage this into my face and down my neck and let it work it's magic over night :-)

To finish off I then use my hand cream which is a fast absorbing, light texture one from Neutrogena. I find this one really good. I also use lip balm which I didn't add in the photo's. I use normal lip balm in the day but for bed I like to use a tub of Vaseline, as it is thicker I feel like it lasts better through the night and makes my lips feel really soft and moisturised.

Well there we is quite late right now so I am going upstairs to do this exact routine and get into bed, most likely scroll through Instagram and Twitter for about half an hour before actually going to sleep though, sometimes i like to play Bejeweled Blitz too :-D

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Love Carly x

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Amazing Hotel in Gjerba, Tunisia

This is a continued post from the first one i did. If you haven't seen that you can check it out HERE

I wasn't sure if to do a second one as i did cover most about the hotel in the first post but i had so many more amazing pictures to share i thought it had to be done :-)

Palm Beach Palace Hotel ~ It had just been re-furbished and was a 5*. We booked a last minute deal and went for a week All Inclusive. (Adults Only Hotel)

My first try on a Hammock wasn't great....yes i fell off...twice,lol

I loved the pool at night! Looked so pretty
We had a room upgrade with a four poster bed!! I loved it :-)
These lights on the wall were so pretty

We sat outside for food sometimes which was really nice
One of my favourite photo's i took :-)
Saxophone Guy. Evening Entertainment wasn't always that great, probably the one thing about the place i would rate low
The indoor pool we tried out on the one cloudy day we had, it wasn't that warm and we didn't stay in there for long
We then tried the Jacuzzi and again wasn't really that warm, my boyfriend didn't enjoy sitting in an un-warm Jacuzzi so we only took a photo then got out,lol
Aqua class in the pool

Too many cocktails :-p

The moon added a nice touch :-)
I found the camels very interesting to watch, i find them chewing really amusing, is it just me? lol My boyfriend did a good impression :-)
About to go on a Jet Ski for the first time. We went out in a group, 4 Jet Ski's and a speed boat. We went out to another island, so we rode for about 45 minutes before getting to land and my whole body hurt from tensing and holding on for dear life,lol I screamed quite a few times and hated it at first but got use to it after a bit. I would go on one again but i wouldn't want to ride for so long before stopping next time!

The island we stopped at after Jet Skiing, We then went back and i stayed in the speed boat this time with two other girls. 

They set up tables around the pool for a special evening called Sunset Dinner, even though we couldn't see sunset it was so nice.

It was only us and 3 other couples sitting outside, i rushed to get ready in 20 minutes as we found out dinner started at 7pm and we thought it would be packed outside......but nope, we were first to choose a table! :-) I don't think people liked the cold. The evenings were never that warm, there was a bit of wind and i think it was about 17 degrees most evenings. I didn't care that night tho i wanted to sit outside and being one of the few couples there was actually quite nice :-)
The classic Plane Photo :-D ...Good bye Tunisia, thanks for having me!
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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Modelling Photo Shoot

I took part in a fitness/bikini show about a month ago. A week before i did it i decided to go for an outdoor photo shoot, as i was in good shape for the competition i wanted to get some nice photo's.

This was just for fun, i paid a small fee for 5 photo's at the end of it and we did outdoor locations. We started in Brighton and then drove down to West Sussex to do some more.

I thought it was about time i got round to sharing these photo's :-) So below are the 5 photo's that i chose, i hope you like them. Let me know which one is your favourite?

Top +Superdry 
Top +Primark 
Top/Jumper +Missguided || Skirt +Primark || Shoes +New Look 
Top +Superdry || Jeans +New Look || Boots +schuh 

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Photographer - Ben Mark Photography (From West Sussex)

You can also check out my video (behind the scenes) from the photo shoot, this is on my youtube channel so i would love you to go check out other video's on my channel and maybe subscribe if you like them. I like to post weekly video's on there about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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