Friday, 8 May 2015

The BEST Mascara!!! Beauty Finds - Loreal Makeup


It has been a while since i found a mascara i love! I re-bought a few different ones over the past year and none of them really stood out to me until now.

My favourite thing about this is the brush. It is a comb brush and for me i find them the best at grabbing all of your lashes and separating them well as you apply the product.
This comb brush definitely does lengthen my lases and i just think it looks great :-)

Before & After...

I have had this mascara for about 1 month now and it still has plenty of product and works really well. The brush has a slight curve too so it is the perfect shape to fit your lashes as you apply it.

I think i have covered all i want to say about it really. I do recommend this mascara, if you are struggling to find a good one then it is worth trying out :-)

You can get this from +Boots UK or +Superdrug
It cost me £10.99 from Boots so a little on the pricey side maybe but it is a great purchase if you do want a good mascara.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks so much for reading my post,

Love Carly 

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