Thursday, 28 May 2015

I'm on holiday in Tunisia :-)

Hey everyone :-)

Soooo, I'M ON HOLIDAY!! Woooop :-) 

Me and my boyfriend arrived yesterday. We are staying in the Palm Beach Palace in Djerba which of the coast of Tunisia. We got to the hotel about 11am so we went straight for a buffet lunch and then to sunbathe. We were both falling asleep on the subbed as we woke up about 4am to catch a 7am flight :-) We had a buffet dinner after that in the same place and then a bit of evening entertainment were some African Acribats. 

It's day 2 and i am currently laying here sunbathing whilst writing this post. Today is clear skies and must be about 26 degrees today. There are two pools in this hotel and today we are sitting in the second one. It has different sunbeds and the pool is really nice. It's more for relaxing this side I think. 

I have been taking lots of videos of this holiday too so I will be uploading them all on my YouTube channel when I get back :-)

You can check out my second post on this HERE

Hope you have a great weekend :-)


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

BARRY M - Nail Polish Collection

Heyy :-)

I have quite a large Nail Polish collection from Barry M so i thought i would share all the colours i currently own. In the pictures above is a mix of other polishes too, so there not all Barry M. I decided to store them in a empty chocolate box as i thought it all looked really pretty together. I also thought the lid on top helps to avoid the dust settling onto the polishes :-)

Below are my collection of colours...I did paint each colour onto my own nail to show it on.

Baby Pink (2 coats)
Yellow (2-3 coats)
Gold (2 coats)
Mint Green (2 coats)
Mushroom (1 coat)
Tangerine (2 coats) but one coat could also be ok
Glittery Teal Blue (1 coat)
Pink Glittery (1 coat)
Matt White (1 coat, polish is a little thick because it's an older one. I need to add some polish remover to thin it out)
Diamond Glitter  (1 coat)
Pink (They don't all have names on the bottles so i would say this was a barbie pink shade, 2 coats)
Magnetic Burgundy 
Navy (1 coat, lid on that bottle got a little ruined by my dog when he was a pup!)
Raspberry (1 coat)
Gold Mine Glitter/Black (1-2 coats)
Black Instant Nail Effect (Raspberry colour underneath) 
Pink Instant Nail Effect (Mushroom colour underneath)
Magenta Glitter (1-2 coats)
Atlantic Road Nail Effects Textured (1 coat)
Hopefully this will give some inspiration on what colours to go for if you are thinking to buy some. I also love Barry M so i definitely recommend the brand.
They have such a huge range of colours, there are loads that i haven't purchased still that i really like the look of. If anyone has any other colours that are worth buying, let me know in the comments :-)


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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Print Trousers | Summer Evening

I love this outfit. It is great for wearing in the day and the evening. I wore this out for the night with some friends. We went out for some drinks and a dance. The trousers are light are airy so great for a summers evening. I thought that the shoes and flower in my hair really gave it that summer feel.

A simple black floaty top is a great staple item to have in your wardrobe, it goes with so much so matched with the trousers perfectly. What is your favourite thing about this outfit? Where would you wear it out? :-)

Trousers, Necklace, Bag & Hair Flower: +Primark 
Top: +River Island 
Shoes: +Shoe Zone 
Earings: +New Look 

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

PRIMARK - Outfit Of The Day - Summer Style


Top £5
Skirt: £10
Sunglasses: £3
Bag: £7
Shoes: £4 or £8?
Necklaces: £3

Bracelet is from Pandora

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I showed these items in my HUGE PRIMARK HAUL video on +YouTube  (BeautyWithStyle)
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Love Carly xo


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TOP 10 PLAYSUITS! Spring Looks - May 2015

Hi everyone :-)

I have been doing some window shopping online today and have seen some great playsuits. I love them, they are so cute and you can wear them day or evening. They are definitely a staple item for every girls wardrobe i think :-)

There are so many nice ones it is quite hard to choose so i decided to pick out my top ten from the 3 websites i was looking at #ASOS #MISSGUIDED #BOOHOO

Hopefully if your style is similar to mine you will like these picks too and it might give you some inspiration :-)

The pictures are what i copy and pasted from the websites so they are not great quality. You can click on the names below each picture to take you directly to each outfit on the websites.


WAS £30 NOW £15




WAS £25 NOW £17











Let me know what your favourite one is?
I have no idea which one i want to buy first!! It is so hard being a girl ;-p

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Love Carly 

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