Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pure Elite Competition - Show Day

Earlier this year i had entered my first fitness/bodybuilding competition. It was for Pure Elite and was held at Winter Gardens in Margate, Kent on the 25th April.
They had lots of different categories and i chose to do Bikini and being 5'6 i was in Bikini Tall.

I traveled up the night before and stayed in a Premier Inn. We arrived at the venue for 10am - Athletes registration. We then had a meeting at 11am where they went through the T-Walks and just what to expect from the day. The doors then opened to the public at about 1.30pm.
We first had to all go on stage for a parade and photo. It was then quite a long wait until my category was on. Bikini Short was on stage after the first intervals and then Bikini Tall (my one) straight after.


We had our two coats of tan applied the evening before and had to leave it overnight. On the day we wasn't allowed to shower, we had to keep the tan how it was and we got touch ups if there were any smudges anywhere. Then before we went on stage we had glaze applied. I had my tan done with #ShowTan


I had to borrow a bikini from a girl doing the show as my mine hadn't turned up on time. It came Monday tho, so 2 days after the show!!! Bit annoying but i did like the bikini i borrowed, the colour was gorgeous. Only problem was the bottoms were a little tight but it looked ok still.
I got my original bikini from +Etsy (picture below) I will probably keep this now for my next competition.

Overall Day

I had so much fun and met amazing people. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I have learnt so much from this competition so i know how to improve better for next time. I was a little nervous stepping on the stage and my lips and legs were shaking a bit but after that i started to relax and got into it a bit more. I know i wasn't in my best shape or had all the confidence i needed to do well but it was a great experience and i can't wait to do it again. Even though the diet and training can be hard i still found the whole experience really fun and challenging and it is the only time in my life i have finally changed my body for the better :-)

Thanks for reading, i did vlog a lot of the prep on my second youtube channel so check them out by clicking here and scrolling down my video's.
I uploaded my show day video on my main channel, click here to see it

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Love Carly x


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