Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Top 5 Beauty Products

Here are 5 Beauty Products that i have been loving lately. (March-April 2015)

This self tanner is only £4.99. It's a bargain if you looking for a good but cheap fake tan. You can get this from +Boots UK
I like to leave it on for 2-3 hours then wash it off and it still keeps me looking tanned but it doesn't smell as bad and doesn't come off onto your clothes as easily. ( I did get a brown streak on my bed where i had slept...but other than that it isn't too bad) I don't usually wear fake tan but i am starting to go through a phase...just bored of the ghost look now! :-D
I got this for Christmas and love it. Tangle Teezers have been around a while now but it took me ages to finally get one! You can get these a lot of places and are quite cheap.  I find they do get the tangles out a lot easier and i don't feel they are as damaging to my hair, i don't like my old paddle brush anymore.
I have never looked into buying an body scrub until recently and i found this one which smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft. This was from +Boots UK 
I do love +MAC Cosmetics I have re-purchased this a few times and i still love it. It has such a nice coverage and it has a mirror too so great for the handbag to get rid of any shine through the day too.
I haven't found a good mascara in ages until i watched +Zanna van Dijk
Her lashes looked so good and then found out she used this mascara so i thought i would try it out. I then saw that it had a comb type brush which is my favourite type. It just grabs hold of all your lashes, separates them nicely and adds length too. I just love it and i will definitely re-purchase this when it runs out :-)
Check out my #youtube video if you want to see me talk more about these products BeautyWithStyle

Carly x



  1. I've been really curious about giving self tanner a try. Do you apply it with your hands or a mitt, I've seen it done both ways and I'm just wondering which works out better.

    - The MakeupMama


    1. I use a disposable latex type glove to apply mine. That way it goes into your skin and half the product isn't wasted sinking into the mitt. :-) x


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