Monday, 20 April 2015

Fitness Haul - April 2015

I went shopping today and i get excited when i buy new healthy/fitness things so had to share on here. I also did a video on this, you can watch that here if you like: Fitness Haul

Protein Shakers: (White) £9.99
                            (Blue) £8.99
These were buy one get one free
I bought them from a store called GNC
They are also online

Smoothie Maker: Kenwood Sport
I got this from Tesco and it was £45
You can see the video i did on my youtube channel if you want to see the actual product inside.

Pots to go:
These were also from Tesco. They were only £2.50 so i thought why not, a few small pots could come in handy for me.

Brita Water Bottle: Fill & Go
Another Tesco purchase and this was £10
This did come with 4 filters as well. I love filtered water and i liked the look of this bottle so i thought i would get myself a new one :-)

Last but not least: Thermos Lunch Bag
This was £8 from ...TESCO :-)
I thought this would be cool to take on days out. I usually have something i need to keep cool, salad, yogurt, egg..etc The bottom section is perfect size for my tupperware and i thought for £8 i may as well try it out. I have a few days coming up that i am planning to use this for :-)

Well this haul wasn't very long but if you have been reading then thanks for checking it out and i do hope it gave you some ideas or inspiration for some new fitness buys.

Keep Fit & Healthy
:-) :-) :-)

Lotsa Love,
Carly x

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