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Top 5 Workout Essentials

Heyy :-)

As some of you may know if you read my blog often, i am training for a bikini competition which is in April. I have found a love for fitness and healthy eating and since i have been going to the gym a lot more now, it has got me thinking of workout essentials that are a must have for me.

The first thing being:

White Headphones

I have normal headphones that are the small type that just pop into your ears. Lately i have noticed a lot of people wearing the big headphones in the gym and i see girls wearing them a lot on instagram pictures i come across :-) I have grown to love them even more now and being all gym obsessed these days i really want a pair. I hear that 'beat' headphones are good :-) Plus the white ones really stand out to me.

Waist Packs/Bum Bags

I think a workout belt would be handy for my power walks/runs. I can fit in my key, lipbalm, tissues, phone, etc. Also for the gym i can put my phone in whilst listening to my music. I do have an arm band but i do really like the look of bum belts. Nice to have the choice of both :-)

When searching for a picture to insert i also came across this one which i found quite cute and funny so had to share :-)


Stop Watch

When i have my rest periods between my sets of weights i carry a timer with me that my boyfriend gave me to use. It beeps very loud and it is just another thing to carry around the gym with me so i want to look into getting a watch that is also a timer/and calorie counter would be helpful too (maybe one that vibrates would be good as i can listen to music and not have to listen for the beep when the timer goes off) i am yet to find one like that though. I do want one in white!

Workout Gloves

I need my workout gloves every time i do weight workouts. I would get blisters on my hands if i didn't. I have seen some that i really like from an American website, they have loads to choose from on :-)

sorry for the bad quality, i just copied it from the website that i linked above.

BCAA's - Branched Chain Amino Acids 

This is a form of powder that you add to your water during a workout. This gives you what you need to maintain muscle mass. It is a supplement that i have recently been taking since training for this competition but i love it. I have the Berry Blast flavour and i have seen they do lots of other flavours including sour apple, orange, lemon & lime, tropical and more :-) Check them out on

I am really enjoying the gym and working out these days! I have already entered to take part in the 5k Electric Run in May. So that is something else i can work towards once the competition is over.
If you haven't heard of it check it out, it looks so much fun.

To finish my post off i thought i would share two pictures as i am really proud of my body progress so far. Do ignore how extremely pale i was the light from the window...but i do really need a tan :-/ lol 

01.02.15        - 4 weeks later -       01.03.15

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