Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Healthy Soup to last you a week :-) How to Prep Food and stay on track

Heyy :-)

The key thing to being healthy is to PLAN AND PREPARE!!!

I always like to prepare my meals as much as i can. It is great when you can make something to last you through the week. This way you can store the food in the freezer and get it out as and when you wish. It is so much easier to stay healthy this way :-)

One of the my favourite meals i make for the week is a healthy vegetable soup.

For a vegetable soup you can add whatever you want really. It is always good when veg you haven't used up is on it's last days, you can just chuck it all in a soup and still get the goodness from it :-)

Ingredients that i used:

1 Clove of garlic      8 calories
Black Pepper
1 Chicken stock cube

1 Red Onion           184 grams     ::   64 calories
Spinach                  100 grams     ::   30 calories
Butternut Squash   480 grams     ::   202 calories
Baby Leeks            136 grams     ::   31 calories
Loose Carrots        269 grams     ::   113 calories
Brocolli                  383 grams    ::   146 calories

Serves in to about 6 portions
1 serving is about 111 calories
Fat - 2.3g
Carbs - 15.6g
Protein - 4.9g

Once you have chopped up and added all the ingredients, top it up with boiling hot water to just below the top of the veg and simmer for about 30-40 minutes. You can leave to simmer for as long as you need really until all the veg has softened as then you need to blend it all into a soup :-)

I also add chicken pieces to mine for more protein and to keep me full for longer. Let me know if you try this soup. I am always on the hunt for new recipes and would love to know your favourites :-) Leave any comments below.

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