Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday Motivation - Body Transformation 4 weeks out

Heyy :-)

I am in such a happy, positive mood today. I have been training for a fitness/bikini competition for the last 8 weeks. I am competing on stage for Pure Elite on the 25th of April 2015. 

I took some body progress photos today and was really happy at what I saw. Compared to when I first started I have changed so much and have never felt in such good shape in my whole life!

Here are a few before photos at the start of my transformation, about 8 weeks ago...

And here a few after photos that I took today :-)

Through this 8 weeks I haven't really checked my weight but I use to be nearly 10 stone. I decided to weigh myself today and I'm now 9stone!! That has literally made my day :-) it has pushed me to keep going. I've still got 4 weeks until I am posing on stage! I am now doing 1300 calories a day to really push for results! :-) 

It's always hard at the start...when you don't see results straight away it is sometimes tempting to give up! But DON'T!!!! :-)
Keep going as you one day you will look back and be glad that you started! I've also learnt not to make excuses...just do it! Don't think about things for too long or reasons why you shouldn't do something..JUST DO IT!


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Friday, 27 March 2015

Gym Workout Outifts - LookBook

White Top - Primark: £4.00
Black cropped leggings (USA Pro) - : £17.99
Bum Belt - Sports Direct: £5.99 

Mint Green Hoody - Primark: £8.00

Grey Running Top/Cardigan  - Primark: £10.00

Grey Hoody (Same as the Mint Green one from above) - Primark: £8.00

Peach top - Primark: £4.00
Cropped Leggings - Primark: £7.00

Bag - Sports Direct: £14.99
Black Nike Top - Sports Direct: £16.99

Purple Running top - Sports Direct: £19.99

Trainers I got for Christmas, I am not sure on the price but they were from 


If you are not a regular reader of my blog then you probably don't know, but i am training for my first fitness/bikini competition. It will be for Pure Elite in South of England and is being held on the 25th of April so only about 4 weeks away now!!! 
I would really love for you all to go check out my other social media where i am sharing my progress, healthy meal ideas and fitness tips along the way :-) 
Thanks for all of your support!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Healthy Soup to last you a week :-) How to Prep Food and stay on track

Heyy :-)

The key thing to being healthy is to PLAN AND PREPARE!!!

I always like to prepare my meals as much as i can. It is great when you can make something to last you through the week. This way you can store the food in the freezer and get it out as and when you wish. It is so much easier to stay healthy this way :-)

One of the my favourite meals i make for the week is a healthy vegetable soup.

For a vegetable soup you can add whatever you want really. It is always good when veg you haven't used up is on it's last days, you can just chuck it all in a soup and still get the goodness from it :-)

Ingredients that i used:

1 Clove of garlic      8 calories
Black Pepper
1 Chicken stock cube

1 Red Onion           184 grams     ::   64 calories
Spinach                  100 grams     ::   30 calories
Butternut Squash   480 grams     ::   202 calories
Baby Leeks            136 grams     ::   31 calories
Loose Carrots        269 grams     ::   113 calories
Brocolli                  383 grams    ::   146 calories

Serves in to about 6 portions
1 serving is about 111 calories
Fat - 2.3g
Carbs - 15.6g
Protein - 4.9g

Once you have chopped up and added all the ingredients, top it up with boiling hot water to just below the top of the veg and simmer for about 30-40 minutes. You can leave to simmer for as long as you need really until all the veg has softened as then you need to blend it all into a soup :-)

I also add chicken pieces to mine for more protein and to keep me full for longer. Let me know if you try this soup. I am always on the hunt for new recipes and would love to know your favourites :-) Leave any comments below.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Starting a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle

Heyy :-)

So are you thinking you want to start a fit and healthy lifestyle but not sure where to start? 
Photo above: Left pic is 1st of Feb and the right pic is recent, taken on 12th March.

There is a lot to think about when changing your lifestyle and I thought it might be helpful to share some of my tips and advice helping you get started...

First let's think about the food side of things...

1. Preparing your kitchen cupboards

You firstly need to remove any tempting foods out of the house. If you are anything like me and have little or no will power then you need to get the bad foods out of sight completely otherwise this will never work,lol

2. Kitchen utensils 

So to be more prepared you could buy yourself some important essentials for the kitchen. Certain cutlery, cooking pans, smoothie makers, scales..etc

3. Using an app

For a better idea of what you are eating through the day then I recommend trying the app 'My Fitness Pal' 
It is great at adding up macros and counting your calories. I use it at the moment as I am competing in a fitness competition but after that is over I will still continue to use it so I keep an idea how much I'm eating daily, I just won't rely on it AS much.

4. Planning your weekly meals

You will want to plan what you are going to eat through the week. This way you can also figure out what you are going to buy food shopping. The worst thing is buying too much that you don't actually need. A lot of healthy food like salad and veg usually needs to be eaten within a certain time so it's such a waste of money when you don't end up using foods in time and then they go off!

5. Never shop on an empty stomach

When you do go food shopping 'NEVER' go on an empty stomach. If you do, you will crave so much more unhealthy foods and more likely to buy something on offer!! I sometimes just avoid eye contact with the chocolate all together!

Let's now move onto some exercise tips...

1. Too much too fast 

When you first start exercising and if you haven't done any for a while, don't rush back into it by over doing it. You might be excited or eager to see results but you could end up injuring yourself. You want to ease back into it and slowly progress to heavier weights, more sessions a week..etc 

2. Stretch

One of the most important things after exercising is to stretch. A lot of people tend to skip this part. Mainly because they can't be bothered and they don't usually realise how important it is. I know I have skipped it plenty of times in the past. Latley tho I have tried to include a stretch for at least 15 minutes after my workouts. If I don't have time i makesure I fit it in later that day. I noticed the difference if I skipped it completely. I would ache so much more and my muscles were more sore than when I put in the extra time. I sometimes stretch when I wake up now. The more you stretch the more it helps muscle growth and flexibility. 

3. Workout Gear

A great motivation to workout is the outfits you get to wear. For me this is really exciting and when you have the right outfit or accessory it also gives you better results. A few things to makesure you have, water bottle, protein powder (if you are toning/building muscle) the right fitted sports bra, the right trainers. I know that Sweatshop actually help to find the right trainers by letting you walk on a treadmill in store to measure what type you would need. Take a look when you next go into one of their stores :-)

4. Planning your workouts 

Again like the food, you need to plan your workouts in for the week. If not you will miss out and never gain the results you are looking for. The key is consistency so even if you are busy you need to workout  when you are going to workout! ;-)

...So they were a few tips to help get you started. I hope it has helped in some way and now you can get started on that bikini body ready for the summer :-)

NOTE:: I have just made a YouTube channel based on Health & Fitness which I would love you to check out. Currently there is only my intro video on there but check it out and subscribe to see more from me :-) I will be filming my first video on getting great abs tomorrow so subscribe to see when I upload new videos. I have so many ideas for my channel and really excited to share it all with you. 


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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Top 5 Workout Essentials

Heyy :-)

As some of you may know if you read my blog often, i am training for a bikini competition which is in April. I have found a love for fitness and healthy eating and since i have been going to the gym a lot more now, it has got me thinking of workout essentials that are a must have for me.

The first thing being:

White Headphones

I have normal headphones that are the small type that just pop into your ears. Lately i have noticed a lot of people wearing the big headphones in the gym and i see girls wearing them a lot on instagram pictures i come across :-) I have grown to love them even more now and being all gym obsessed these days i really want a pair. I hear that 'beat' headphones are good :-) Plus the white ones really stand out to me.

Waist Packs/Bum Bags

I think a workout belt would be handy for my power walks/runs. I can fit in my key, lipbalm, tissues, phone, etc. Also for the gym i can put my phone in whilst listening to my music. I do have an arm band but i do really like the look of bum belts. Nice to have the choice of both :-)

When searching for a picture to insert i also came across this one which i found quite cute and funny so had to share :-)


Stop Watch

When i have my rest periods between my sets of weights i carry a timer with me that my boyfriend gave me to use. It beeps very loud and it is just another thing to carry around the gym with me so i want to look into getting a watch that is also a timer/and calorie counter would be helpful too (maybe one that vibrates would be good as i can listen to music and not have to listen for the beep when the timer goes off) i am yet to find one like that though. I do want one in white!

Workout Gloves

I need my workout gloves every time i do weight workouts. I would get blisters on my hands if i didn't. I have seen some that i really like from an American website, they have loads to choose from on :-)

sorry for the bad quality, i just copied it from the website that i linked above.

BCAA's - Branched Chain Amino Acids 

This is a form of powder that you add to your water during a workout. This gives you what you need to maintain muscle mass. It is a supplement that i have recently been taking since training for this competition but i love it. I have the Berry Blast flavour and i have seen they do lots of other flavours including sour apple, orange, lemon & lime, tropical and more :-) Check them out on

I am really enjoying the gym and working out these days! I have already entered to take part in the 5k Electric Run in May. So that is something else i can work towards once the competition is over.
If you haven't heard of it check it out, it looks so much fun.

To finish my post off i thought i would share two pictures as i am really proud of my body progress so far. Do ignore how extremely pale i was the light from the window...but i do really need a tan :-/ lol 

01.02.15        - 4 weeks later -       01.03.15

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