Sunday, 8 February 2015

12 Week Bikini Show Prep - What is it? Body Fat & Planning

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Last year I thought about entering a Bikini/Fitness competition but was no where near at the stage I am now, with knowledge of healthy eating and lifting weights, etc. It felt a little scary and hard thinking about all that was involved so decided to wait and maybe try at a later date.

Since the months have passed I have now progressed a whole lot more and I really feel it is time to set myself a goal and push for the body I have always wanted and try to keep it that way.

What is the competition?

On the 25th of April is a body building/fitness competition called Pure Elite held in Kent, South East England, which athletes, models and even people who are new to the industry can enter.
There are different categories and I am entering for the bikini one as it is the most feminine and does not involve as much muscle mass as all the others

Body Fat & Calories

I started a really strict diet/fitness plan last Sunday (01.02.15) I have been eating 1800kcal per day with 20% carbs, 35% protein and 45% fat. Unfortunatly have come down with a cold already and have missed 2 weights and 2 cardio sessions so my results aren't as good as expected but i'm happy considering. I started at 26% body fat and will need to be around 13% for the show. In the first week I have lost 1.1% and am now 24.9% but feel better so will be back to all my workouts this week coming. I worked out that even if I keep loosing at least 1% of body fat each week I will reach the % I need for the show so I am feeling very positive :-)

Keeping things on track

For this diet I have had to weigh and plan every meal. I keep all my meals in a food diary on my phone called 'My Fitness Pal' It is really good and I know a lot of people who use this now so if you haven't heard of it then check it out, it is a free app you can download :-)

My boyfriend has been a huge help for me as he is a Personal Trainer and has set out a folder with workout plans and meal options,etc. I also take supplements during my 12 week prep which help give me the vitamins and nutrients I need when I am training and eating specifically for this competition.
I haven't really had massive cravings which surprised me. I think though because I feel so determined to do well this time I can just look past it, plus I think the food I have been eating is really yummy anyway so I do enjoy my meal options.

I will do a blog post next week to share my progress. I hope you have enjoyed reading and look forward to more posts on this :-) Below I have inserted a photo of my progress so far. I really am no where near the body I like yet but I can see a change in just a week so that does make me proud and pushes me to keep going!!

Sunday 1st Feb                            Sunday 8th Feb

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