Monday, 16 February 2015

10 weeks out Bikini Show!

Heyy :-)

Two weeks have already passed and I have been training and eating healthy in preparation for this bikini show in April :-) 

The first week i was a little ill so I did miss a few workouts and then this weekend just gone i did allow myself a few treats. As it was Valentine's Day and my boyfriend also joining the Army today I thought..why not! lol

My boyfriend did take my body fat this morning though and I have lost 1% body fat again in a week! My calories have also gone down to 1700 for this week now so it is going to get harder. It can still be fun though, tonight I had a really yummy (healthy) spaghetti bolagnaise :-) 

My boyfriend took another photo of me this morning and I was suprised at the difference I saw in myself after just two weeks!! This has made me want to keep pushing for my goals now :-) it's only 10 weeks until the bikini show now so if I can make such a difference in just two weeks then imagine what I could look like in 10 more :-) #PositiveThinking 

The first photo was taken two weeks ago and the second one was taken today, 16/02/15.

Thanks for reading. 

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