Monday, 16 February 2015

10 weeks out Bikini Show!

Heyy :-)

Two weeks have already passed and I have been training and eating healthy in preparation for this bikini show in April :-) 

The first week i was a little ill so I did miss a few workouts and then this weekend just gone i did allow myself a few treats. As it was Valentine's Day and my boyfriend also joining the Army today I thought..why not! lol

My boyfriend did take my body fat this morning though and I have lost 1% body fat again in a week! My calories have also gone down to 1700 for this week now so it is going to get harder. It can still be fun though, tonight I had a really yummy (healthy) spaghetti bolagnaise :-) 

My boyfriend took another photo of me this morning and I was suprised at the difference I saw in myself after just two weeks!! This has made me want to keep pushing for my goals now :-) it's only 10 weeks until the bikini show now so if I can make such a difference in just two weeks then imagine what I could look like in 10 more :-) #PositiveThinking 

The first photo was taken two weeks ago and the second one was taken today, 16/02/15.

Thanks for reading. 

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Going Blonder!

Heyy :-)

I just got my hair done and I love it so much :-) 
The last time I got a half head of highlights back in early October 2014 then just before Christmas I had only my roots done. Since then my blonde had faded quite a bit and my roots again were quite bad! This time I got a full head of bleach highlights.

I love peroxide blonde hair but I feel highlights are better as it gives a more softer look overall. The picture above is two before photos on the left and after on the right. 

I love my hair now. On April the 25th i am doing a fitness/bikini show so I guess the next time I will do my hair will be just before that, unless I need my roots touching up in between :-) 

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Love Carly xo


Sunday, 8 February 2015

12 Week Bikini Show Prep - What is it? Body Fat & Planning

Heyy :-)

Last year I thought about entering a Bikini/Fitness competition but was no where near at the stage I am now, with knowledge of healthy eating and lifting weights, etc. It felt a little scary and hard thinking about all that was involved so decided to wait and maybe try at a later date.

Since the months have passed I have now progressed a whole lot more and I really feel it is time to set myself a goal and push for the body I have always wanted and try to keep it that way.

What is the competition?

On the 25th of April is a body building/fitness competition called Pure Elite held in Kent, South East England, which athletes, models and even people who are new to the industry can enter.
There are different categories and I am entering for the bikini one as it is the most feminine and does not involve as much muscle mass as all the others

Body Fat & Calories

I started a really strict diet/fitness plan last Sunday (01.02.15) I have been eating 1800kcal per day with 20% carbs, 35% protein and 45% fat. Unfortunatly have come down with a cold already and have missed 2 weights and 2 cardio sessions so my results aren't as good as expected but i'm happy considering. I started at 26% body fat and will need to be around 13% for the show. In the first week I have lost 1.1% and am now 24.9% but feel better so will be back to all my workouts this week coming. I worked out that even if I keep loosing at least 1% of body fat each week I will reach the % I need for the show so I am feeling very positive :-)

Keeping things on track

For this diet I have had to weigh and plan every meal. I keep all my meals in a food diary on my phone called 'My Fitness Pal' It is really good and I know a lot of people who use this now so if you haven't heard of it then check it out, it is a free app you can download :-)

My boyfriend has been a huge help for me as he is a Personal Trainer and has set out a folder with workout plans and meal options,etc. I also take supplements during my 12 week prep which help give me the vitamins and nutrients I need when I am training and eating specifically for this competition.
I haven't really had massive cravings which surprised me. I think though because I feel so determined to do well this time I can just look past it, plus I think the food I have been eating is really yummy anyway so I do enjoy my meal options.

I will do a blog post next week to share my progress. I hope you have enjoyed reading and look forward to more posts on this :-) Below I have inserted a photo of my progress so far. I really am no where near the body I like yet but I can see a change in just a week so that does make me proud and pushes me to keep going!!

Sunday 1st Feb                            Sunday 8th Feb

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Haul - Mac, Primark & New Look

Hello :-)

Hauls are one of my favourite posts/video's to check out and my most favourite to do. I haven't done a haul blog post for a while now so i thought it was about time. I tend to film more of them and upload to my youtube channel.

The first things I will share with you are my beauty buys...

I love this concealer from Maybelline. I used this ages ago and recently re-bought it as after using others I forgot how good this one was :-)
About £6.00

The same happened with this face powder from Mac. I re-bought it again as I use to love it and missed using it! This colour is in c4.

I've always loved Liz Earle. It's so quick and easy to remove makeup. 

This colour is called 'to the future' and it is a gorgeous pink/coral. This is the first lipstick I have bought from Mac! 

I got selfie stick!! Woo! Lol 
I will probably do some individual reviews on these products I am showing. If you are interested in seeing reviews, also let me know!

So now I will move onto the fashion side of things....





New Look:






And then to finish I bought one thing from H&M


Thanks for checking out my haul post :-) 
What was your favourite item?

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Carly xo

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