Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wicked - The Musical in London

I went to London to see Wicked the Musical with my mum. I had bought it for her as a Christmas present :-) 
We tried looking for a place to eat. We ended up walking right up to where Big Ben was then decided we should turn back or we would be late for the show. On our way back we then noticed, about 5-10 minutes walk from the Apollo, a large area across the road with a few food places. Once you get to this building the restaurants are just across the road...

So if you are going to to the Apollo at anytime, don't walk too far up the road as there are some good ones nearer. My mum did think she had seen a Pizza hut down this road before though so we carried on searching as i had got it in my head that i wanted Pizza, lol But this place i saw on the way back had a Zizzi's which i love, also a Waga Mama's and a few others. As we had walked for so long we didn't have much time so we just grabbed a Macdonalds,lol Mmmm heeaallthyyy! :-/ 

We were 4th row from the front by the aisle. The seat on the end had lots of nice leg room :-)

The show was amazing, the acting was really good and the detail was great too :-) It wasn't too bad being 4th row from the front either. I wasn't sure if we would get a neck ache. Maybe a few seats back would have been better as when the actors would go up higher you did have to look right up but it was only a few times through out the show. Being that close was great as you could see all the detail of the costumes, etc.

Has anyone else seen this show or planning to go soon?

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