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New Years Eve 2014 - London Fireworks

Happy New Year!!! :-) :-) :-)

This post is slightly later than i had planned, but better late then never aye? :-)

I went to London this year, i have never been there on new years eve before. Me and my boyfriend booked a French restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien. Like above in the photo, we paid £125.00 for a 4 course dinner with a welcome glass of Prosecco and another at midnight, then access outside to see the fireworks.

For the starter i had Salmon Tartine and Jay (my boyfriend) had Winter Spiced Cauliflower soup.
The salmon was delicious :-)

For mains we both chose the Festive pie which was really good :-) Inside the pie was Turkey and Ham.

Then for dessert i had Galette Des Rois (chocolate cake) and Jay had Mince Pie & Whipped Cream.
I got a picture of the cake but we forgot to get one of the mince pies but i am sure you can imagine what they look like :-)

We then had a cheese board. I think the service here was really good and i would definitely go back.

We then went outside with our glasses of Prosecco and watched the fireworks. 
I will be putting together a video of this night which i am really excited to share, if you want to see it check out my youtube vlog channel and subscribe to see when i post up the new video. Also you can follow me on Twitter to see when i post new video's up. 

We had the view from the side of the wheel, along the side of the river which was still a great view.

We went back inside for one more drink then left for the underground giving ourselfs about 25 minutes to catch the train.
Little did we know that the underground entrance had been shut of though. We had to walk at least 2.5 miles before getting to the station. We got directed up and around and back down again, there was crowds of people walking. I had to keep walking bare foot because my feet were hurting so much. I did bring flats but stupidly left them on the train there as changed from my heels just to use the train toilets and forgot to put them back in my bag :-(
There were police on horses stopping people and creating even bigger crowds, letting people through bit by bit! It was shut in the first place to avoid congestion apparently!
Anyway we made it home at 4am when we had left the restaurant at about 1.15am.

Other than the hassle of travelling back, we did have an amazing time and the fireworks were so good! :-) I would definitely go to London for New Years Eve again but make sure i don't loose my flat shoes next time! :-)

Did anyone else go to London and see the fireworks?

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