Thursday, 22 January 2015

Boat Trip to Paradise Island - Caribbean

The new year is here and i have been thinking about going away on holiday already!! I swear the winter has drained my tan away!

I went to the Dominican Republic last year in October/November for 17 nights with my boyfriend and it has to be the best holiday yet! It was my first time to the Caribbean and it was a place i have always dreamt to visit.

On one of the days there we did a boat trip to the smallest island in Dominican called Paradise Island. On there we had a few photo's taken by a photographer, we got to do snorkeling and i got to hold a really big crab! It was so tropical and i couldn't believe i was even there :-) I was living the dream!!!

In the middle of the ocean was also a more shallow area where the boat stopped for a bit for us all to have a swim. The waters were just beautiful. We also stopped at a beach where we had food and got to enjoy the sun and drink from real coconuts! :-)

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  1. OMG! Tan line in January! I'm jealous! :) It looks like you had fun; that's great!

  2. Super cute, I love the photos!


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