Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winter Beauty Essentials - 2014

Every girl needs there beauty essentials but as the days are getting colder, our skin and hair does need that extra attention.

I have picked my six favourite products that i could not go without through the winter season.

Face Oil

This is from Liz Earle, Superskin Concentrate oil. I like to put this on my face before bed to let it soak in overnight. It helps plump and smooth the skin. The winter season can be very drying to the skin so an oil is a great way to keep your skin feeling moisturized. 

Hair Oil

A hair oil treatment is great to use all year round but especially during the winter season. When your hair is going frizzy and dry from the wind and cold air this is a great product to use daily.

Body Cream

I think that body butters are my favourite. There are so many smells to choose from and they keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It is important to keep the rest of your body moisturized, especially through the winter as i think most of us girls forget, i know i do! ...but every part of our skin needs attention :-)


At the moment i am liking this moisturiser from Liz Earle. This keeps my skin smooth and nourished. Your face is the part that faces the cold air most so you need to take extra care day and night to keep it feeling healthy and glowing through the winter season :-)


I do notice that my hands get very dry this season. I have started taking hand cream to work now. It is very easy to lose moisture from the hands as we are using them daily so we do need to keep them moisturised through the day. 


I think i have been using this lipbalm for a few years and i always buy it in the strawberry flavour.
I use lipbalm all year round but for the winter it is definitely an essential of mine. 

I find that applying all my creams and oils are best at night time, before i go to sleep. This then gives time for the products to work their magic :-)

What are your favourite beauty essentials this winter???

Carly xo

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  1. Moroccan oil is a definite staple for long hair!! And the body shop Christmas scents are just gorgeous! nothing makes me feel more christmassy than a good bath with some of the cranberry ice products :) xxxx

    1. Yeaa, i always have to use hair oil these days! :-) Thanks for reading my post :-) xx


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