Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Clothes Show Live 2014

I went to +ClothesShowLiveNEC  yesterday (on the 6th of December)

It is the 3rd time i have been and i do plan to go again next year! :-)

So we saw Jamie Laing from the TV show, Made in Chelsea. Tried to get a photo with him but we were bit too late and he had to go. The photo below is the best i camera didn't take the picture quick enough and he moved as it took! #typical

We also saw two more from Made in Chelsea, they were only there for another 5 minutes so we didn't have time to que. Instead though we queued for Oliver Proudlock..

The guy took this photo before i properly smiled... :-/

So before we left i quickly asked for another pic.. #SELFIE ;-)

It's Alfie Deyes!!! Best photo i got of him! It was very busy when he came out! :-)
It's fluer de force
I met ONE DIRECTION!!!!! ..ha!
I love Barry M cosmetics. It is always hard deciding on which colours to buy, i have quite a few already. I want to keep growing my barry m collection :-)

After walking around trying to get selfie's with people.. :-) and looking at all the stands, it was time to go into the big fashion show...i will share some of my pictures below, however they are only taken by my iphone so they are not the best. I was sitting to the side of the catwalk in block E, row M, seat 6! If you are booking for this show, book your seats early. It was only about 5 days before i booked these that i saw much better seats but then because i left it a bit the seats were all nearly gone so didn't have a lot of choice left!

Hope you enjoyed this post :-) Has anyone else been to the clothes show before or planning to go?


Boots - River Island
Tights - George Asda
Skirt - Miss Guided 
Bag - River Island
Cropped jumper - Miss Guided
Necklace - New Look

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