Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Glitter Nails - Barry M Cosmetics

I love Barry M cosmetics. They have so many different colours of nail polishes and there makeup range is just so bright and colourful! I do own quite a few Barry M bits and feel like I'm getting a collection of polishes growing :-)

The red colour i recently bought is in the colour Raspberry and the glitter is called Diamonds. And together they look amazing :-) I think that the glitter i bought would look amazing over so many colours! They have different glitter colours too, i want to get more :-) The picture below shows just how much choice you have...

Picture taken at the Clothes Show Live 2014
Picture taken at the Clothes Show Live 2014
So i bought these from the clothes show live. They were selling goody bags for £10.00 with lots of bits in, definitely worth it! I did buy these two separate as they didn't come in the goody bag and i wanted them already :-) You could get two nail paints for £5.00 and then two of the gelly nail paints for £6.00. There were deals for others too but I didn't really look at them.  

The Clothes Show Live has finished now for this year. I wish i thought to do this post sooner as you could then have known the good deals on Barry M if you were going! :-/

I did find this sale page online though, check it out if you like? Barry M Sale

Did anyone else go to the clothes show live? Did you get any Barry M goodies?

Thanks for checking out my post :-) 

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