Friday, 5 December 2014


I used the hairdryer below to style my hair in these pictures. It's called Big Hair by Babyliss.

I bought this ages ago. I just recently started using it again and I want to continue using it more.

I forgot the way it made my hair look. I love how it gives gorgeous flicks towards the bottom of your hair and amazing volume all over. You can style your hair differently depending how you use the hairdryer. You can spin the brush both ways changing the style of the curl/flick at the bottom of your hair. It is basically just as good as getting your hair blow dried in a hair salon :-)

I find it best starting with a normal hairdryer, doing that until your hair is half dry. Then i like to take sections of my hair, clipping some up and working from the bottom. It takes about 15 minutes to achieve. (Depending on your hair) You don't need to use any hair straighteners. The only extra thing i do to my hair is that i like to use a heat protect spray and some Moroccan oil on the ends whilst it is still wet. 

Click on a company below to check it out.

Ebay  £34.99
Boots Drugstore £44.99
Argos £44.99 £45.00
Debenhams £40.00

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