Monday, 29 December 2014

Pink Running Trainers - Fitness Goals for 2015

Hello :-)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas? Mine went really quick, i worked up till Christmas Eve and then back to work the day after Boxing day :-(
I work selling gym memberships though, so seeing people working out made me feel a little bit guilty having eating so much crap over the last month!

My boyfriend bought me these amazing trainers for Christmas which were the ones i tried on when we went shopping in London +Sweatshop I did find these really comfy and loved the bright colour, iv'e only had either white or black trainers before.

A goal of mine for next year is to attend one of the bikini competitions. There are different divisions in the competition, body building, figure, bikini etc
There is one being held at the end of April and i want to try for the bikini division. April also gives me enough time to prepare, plan and achieve this goal.

Bring on 2015!!!

Is there anyone else with a health/fitness plan for the new year?
Is anyone else planning to try a fitness competition or has taken part in one before??

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Party makeup - Perfect for Christmas/New years 2014

This makeup look is great for this time of the year! It is the Christmas/Holiday season and with new years eve coming up too we all want to glam up a bit more :-)
This look doesn't take too long and is really easy to do.

Makeup products used:

Maybelline Eraser Eye - Concealer (Nude)
Bourjois - Bronzing Powder
Rimmel Clear Complexion - Face Powder (021 Transparent)
Clinique Even Better - Liquid Foundation (04 Cream Chamois)
Soap & Glory - Brow Tint & Precision shaping pencil (Brownie Points) Forgot to add to the picture
Elf - Eyelid Primer (Sheer) Forgot to add to the picture
Bella Pierre Cosmetics - Green Glitter Pot
Barry M - Dazzle Dust (25/007)
Collection 2000 - Dazzling Gel Liner (5 Le Freak)
Maybelline - Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Models Own - Eye Liner Pencil (Black)
Benefit - They're Real Mascara
Topshop - Lip Liner (colour 01c4)
Lipstick from a gift set. It is annoying because i love the colour but it doesn't say anything on the product so have no idea how i can re-purchase it :-(
Rimmel - Blusher (colour 050 Live Pink)

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Carly xo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winter Beauty Essentials - 2014

Every girl needs there beauty essentials but as the days are getting colder, our skin and hair does need that extra attention.

I have picked my six favourite products that i could not go without through the winter season.

Face Oil

This is from Liz Earle, Superskin Concentrate oil. I like to put this on my face before bed to let it soak in overnight. It helps plump and smooth the skin. The winter season can be very drying to the skin so an oil is a great way to keep your skin feeling moisturized. 

Hair Oil

A hair oil treatment is great to use all year round but especially during the winter season. When your hair is going frizzy and dry from the wind and cold air this is a great product to use daily.

Body Cream

I think that body butters are my favourite. There are so many smells to choose from and they keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It is important to keep the rest of your body moisturized, especially through the winter as i think most of us girls forget, i know i do! ...but every part of our skin needs attention :-)


At the moment i am liking this moisturiser from Liz Earle. This keeps my skin smooth and nourished. Your face is the part that faces the cold air most so you need to take extra care day and night to keep it feeling healthy and glowing through the winter season :-)


I do notice that my hands get very dry this season. I have started taking hand cream to work now. It is very easy to lose moisture from the hands as we are using them daily so we do need to keep them moisturised through the day. 


I think i have been using this lipbalm for a few years and i always buy it in the strawberry flavour.
I use lipbalm all year round but for the winter it is definitely an essential of mine. 

I find that applying all my creams and oils are best at night time, before i go to sleep. This then gives time for the products to work their magic :-)

What are your favourite beauty essentials this winter???

Carly xo

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Glitter Nails - Barry M Cosmetics

I love Barry M cosmetics. They have so many different colours of nail polishes and there makeup range is just so bright and colourful! I do own quite a few Barry M bits and feel like I'm getting a collection of polishes growing :-)

The red colour i recently bought is in the colour Raspberry and the glitter is called Diamonds. And together they look amazing :-) I think that the glitter i bought would look amazing over so many colours! They have different glitter colours too, i want to get more :-) The picture below shows just how much choice you have...

Picture taken at the Clothes Show Live 2014
Picture taken at the Clothes Show Live 2014
So i bought these from the clothes show live. They were selling goody bags for £10.00 with lots of bits in, definitely worth it! I did buy these two separate as they didn't come in the goody bag and i wanted them already :-) You could get two nail paints for £5.00 and then two of the gelly nail paints for £6.00. There were deals for others too but I didn't really look at them.  

The Clothes Show Live has finished now for this year. I wish i thought to do this post sooner as you could then have known the good deals on Barry M if you were going! :-/

I did find this sale page online though, check it out if you like? Barry M Sale

Did anyone else go to the clothes show live? Did you get any Barry M goodies?

Thanks for checking out my post :-) 

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Clothes Show Live 2014

I went to +ClothesShowLiveNEC  yesterday (on the 6th of December)

It is the 3rd time i have been and i do plan to go again next year! :-)

So we saw Jamie Laing from the TV show, Made in Chelsea. Tried to get a photo with him but we were bit too late and he had to go. The photo below is the best i camera didn't take the picture quick enough and he moved as it took! #typical

We also saw two more from Made in Chelsea, they were only there for another 5 minutes so we didn't have time to que. Instead though we queued for Oliver Proudlock..

The guy took this photo before i properly smiled... :-/

So before we left i quickly asked for another pic.. #SELFIE ;-)

It's Alfie Deyes!!! Best photo i got of him! It was very busy when he came out! :-)
It's fluer de force
I met ONE DIRECTION!!!!! ..ha!
I love Barry M cosmetics. It is always hard deciding on which colours to buy, i have quite a few already. I want to keep growing my barry m collection :-)

After walking around trying to get selfie's with people.. :-) and looking at all the stands, it was time to go into the big fashion show...i will share some of my pictures below, however they are only taken by my iphone so they are not the best. I was sitting to the side of the catwalk in block E, row M, seat 6! If you are booking for this show, book your seats early. It was only about 5 days before i booked these that i saw much better seats but then because i left it a bit the seats were all nearly gone so didn't have a lot of choice left!

Hope you enjoyed this post :-) Has anyone else been to the clothes show before or planning to go?


Boots - River Island
Tights - George Asda
Skirt - Miss Guided 
Bag - River Island
Cropped jumper - Miss Guided
Necklace - New Look

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Friday, 5 December 2014


I used the hairdryer below to style my hair in these pictures. It's called Big Hair by Babyliss.

I bought this ages ago. I just recently started using it again and I want to continue using it more.

I forgot the way it made my hair look. I love how it gives gorgeous flicks towards the bottom of your hair and amazing volume all over. You can style your hair differently depending how you use the hairdryer. You can spin the brush both ways changing the style of the curl/flick at the bottom of your hair. It is basically just as good as getting your hair blow dried in a hair salon :-)

I find it best starting with a normal hairdryer, doing that until your hair is half dry. Then i like to take sections of my hair, clipping some up and working from the bottom. It takes about 15 minutes to achieve. (Depending on your hair) You don't need to use any hair straighteners. The only extra thing i do to my hair is that i like to use a heat protect spray and some Moroccan oil on the ends whilst it is still wet. 

Click on a company below to check it out.

Ebay  £34.99
Boots Drugstore £44.99
Argos £44.99 £45.00
Debenhams £40.00

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