Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Faux Fur - Cream Coat - 2014 Trend/Style

I recently went to London for the day. I wasn't planning on buying anything, it was more of a day out with my boyfriend. It did start raining though and we didn't have an umbrella. So i popped into +River Island to look for one and this coat caught my eye! 
I fell in love with it straight away and my boyfriend loved it on me too so i just had to get it :-) 

The fur collar can be removed so i thought i could wear it with other outfits as a scarf too, The pockets have zips which i like, the sleeves also have zips, which only go up a small way. The inside lining is really soft fur, it isn't a really thick coat so this isn't going to be great for freezing cold days unless you layer up you might be ok? 

You can find this coat online if you Click Here
On there you can find more information about it too as i am probably not the best at explaining the details! :-)

Price: £85.00

Click Here  for another recent buy from #RiverIsland which i also love!

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