Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Caribbean Holiday - Part 2

Hi there, this post is continuing my holiday in the Caribbean.

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For breakfast we always ate in the buffet restaurant. Always so much choice, we always went up for about 4 servings of different things :-) We had such a nice view every day too...

We loved laying by the pool and catching the sun.

The night of day 3 we went to one of the a' la carte restaurants. It was a Thomson special set menu. We basically had all inclusive which i hadn't even mentioned yet. We could eat in at the buffet every day and had the option to book into the a' la carte restaurant 3 times a week. 

The next day Jay got the bandage taken of he's head (which i liked to call he's hair bow) lol 

That night we had a beach bbq which was so good :-) it was set at the snack bar, on the edge of the beach. They then had the evening entertainment held on the actual beach instead of by the buffet restaurant on the main stage.

These two days we had we spent just chilling really, sunbathing and enjoying the meals and entertainment. 
The first few days of this holiday we were just letting it all sink in, as we had 17 nights we didn't want to rush into doing too much at the start. Also due to Jay's head injury we couldn't get involved in certain activities, also he wasn't feeling well enough to do a lot so we just chilled.
More exciting days to come...

Every time i do a blog post i do make a video to go with it, always a little extra in the video's so if you want to check that out then Click Here:-)

Hope to see you in my next post,

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