Saturday, 29 November 2014

Gorgeous Satchel Bag - 2014 Trend/Style

I needed a new bag and when I saw this one I just had to get it. The colour is so vibrant and stood out to me instantly! I like the shape and size of this bag and the colour is gorgeous. It is different to most I go for, I tend to stay safe and go for neutral colours but thought this time I should go with something a bit more 'out there' :-)
This bag was from @riverisland and was only £30.00. 
I think River Island is my favourite store at the moment, so many nice things :-) 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Faux Fur - Cream Coat - 2014 Trend/Style

I recently went to London for the day. I wasn't planning on buying anything, it was more of a day out with my boyfriend. It did start raining though and we didn't have an umbrella. So i popped into +River Island to look for one and this coat caught my eye! 
I fell in love with it straight away and my boyfriend loved it on me too so i just had to get it :-) 

The fur collar can be removed so i thought i could wear it with other outfits as a scarf too, The pockets have zips which i like, the sleeves also have zips, which only go up a small way. The inside lining is really soft fur, it isn't a really thick coat so this isn't going to be great for freezing cold days unless you layer up you might be ok? 

You can find this coat online if you Click Here
On there you can find more information about it too as i am probably not the best at explaining the details! :-)

Price: £85.00

Click Here  for another recent buy from #RiverIsland which i also love!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Caribbean Holiday - Part 2

Hi there, this post is continuing my holiday in the Caribbean.

If you haven't seen the first post on this then Click Here :-)
If you want to check out the first video too then Click Here

For breakfast we always ate in the buffet restaurant. Always so much choice, we always went up for about 4 servings of different things :-) We had such a nice view every day too...

We loved laying by the pool and catching the sun.

The night of day 3 we went to one of the a' la carte restaurants. It was a Thomson special set menu. We basically had all inclusive which i hadn't even mentioned yet. We could eat in at the buffet every day and had the option to book into the a' la carte restaurant 3 times a week. 

The next day Jay got the bandage taken of he's head (which i liked to call he's hair bow) lol 

That night we had a beach bbq which was so good :-) it was set at the snack bar, on the edge of the beach. They then had the evening entertainment held on the actual beach instead of by the buffet restaurant on the main stage.

These two days we had we spent just chilling really, sunbathing and enjoying the meals and entertainment. 
The first few days of this holiday we were just letting it all sink in, as we had 17 nights we didn't want to rush into doing too much at the start. Also due to Jay's head injury we couldn't get involved in certain activities, also he wasn't feeling well enough to do a lot so we just chilled.
More exciting days to come...

Every time i do a blog post i do make a video to go with it, always a little extra in the video's so if you want to check that out then Click Here:-)

Hope to see you in my next post,

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Flying to the Caribbean!!!

Hello/Hola :-)

I recently got back from a 17 night holiday to Dominican Republic. Me and my boyfriend went to Puerto Plata and stayed in the Grand Marion Hotel (Be Live)

Entrance to the main buffet restaurant
Reception area

The weather was really hot, we had really sunny weather the first week, it then rained a few evenings. Then the last two days we got part of a tropical storm which i think was mainly hitting Cuba.

This was probably the best holiday i have been on and i plan to go back and visit more Caribbean islands :-)

Me and my boyfriend in the airport just before boarding the plane.
We flew with Thomson on the new Dreamliner.

We had a good flight, watched some films, played some games, ate some food :-)

We arrived to the hotel and it was so hot :-) we changed into our flip flops as soon as we stepped outside the airport.

We had a buggy drive us to the room with our luggage. We then unpacked, got ready and went for dinner. We had a early night as were shattered from the travelling,etc.

That following morning at about 5am. My boyfriend John/Jay/JJ ..i usually call him Jay,lol
got up to go to the toilet, fainted and banged he's head. We have a marble sink basin which he must of hit he's head on, he got a bad cut which didn't stop bleeding. He then felt really sick and faint and we had to call the 24 hour doctor based in the hotel.

We were advised he needed to get it stitched up but needed to get to the hospital asap. The main hospital was about 3 hours drive away and we would had to get a taxi and the doctor was advising us not to go there as he's head needed to be seen to sooner and the doctors there didn't speak English, etc

We ended up going to a private hospital run by the same company in the hotel, Clinic Assist.
It was a long process and i won't go into too much detail, i probably don't know the exact detail anyway,lol but Jay had to get hold of he's dad, the hospital wanted money before they sent out an ambulance. We were in the doctors office from 5.30am and the ambulance didn't arrive until 11.30am :-/
The cut just after it happened.

After the stitches 
The doctor at the hospital who dealt with Jay hardly spoke any English anyway and after that was done Jay then got charged £1473 dollars. He felt he was being charged too much. When we went back to the hotel and told people, everyone was shocked at the price. Jay spoke to the rep and we did get it sorted with Thomson. They basically told the hotel they wouldn't send customers to the hotel anymore if some of this money wasn't refunded so we managed to get it sorted. We had travel insurance but apparently didn't cover private hospitals, lesson for us to check that next time! Lots of details to this story but don't want to bore you, this is meant to be a post about a holiday after all,lol

So we spent about 8 hours in total before we got back to the hotel. We went for a walk on the beach and had some food.

So this was the end of day 2 and i think i will leave this post here. We stayed for 17 nights and have so much more to share with you. It is better not to cram it all into one post. So i do hope you stick around to read about our next adventures :-) you can follow my blog by email, there should be the option down the right hand side of the page. Or you can follow me on Twitter to see post updates :-)

I did film a lot on holiday too so if you want to see it in motion Click Here
Hope you can subscribe too, i will be posting more video's very soon :-)

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Soap & Glory (Archery) Brow Tint & Pencil

I do love this product from Soap & Glory. I never had any proper eyebrow products before. I was using an eye shadow to fill mine in and had done for ages.

I had heard this was a good product so decided to try it. It is £10.00 from Boots drugstore.

You have a thin brush (like a felt tip) on one side which you use to fill in any gaps. You then use the pencil side to finish shaping your brows.

I have been using it for nearly 2 months now and it is still working fine, I use it daily.

I do like that the colour is a perfect match for my eyebrows and it is a nice product to fit in your makeup bag, light weight and easy to apply too.

Carly x

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