Thursday, 11 September 2014

Worst Primark skirt - Embarrassing story!

I went shopping a few days ago and picked up a skirt from Primark. It was a black pencil skirt i wanted for work.
It had a zip running all the way down, from top to bottom, i really liked the style of it and was only £8.00.

I wore it to work for the first time 2 days ago. I work in a leisure center, in the membership sales office next to the gym. I was on my own for the last half of my shift and so closed everything down, grabbed my bag and headed around into the gym and into the changing rooms.

When i got into the changing rooms i took my skirt off, i slipped it off and then saw this had happened...

I just stood in shock for a second....'omg did i just walk around with the zip like this, noooo' :-/
I didn't even know what to do! So got changed for the gym, went back to reception and asked the guy, 'erm, did youu....?' he replied very quick 'yes, yes i did!!' i was so embarrassed!!

Basically when i had walked out i said hi to him sitting at reception and i think there was another man/lady sitting on the seats outside the class studios. A few people in the gym, next to reception and that was all i remember....thank god it was the evening and was quiet at that point because when i came out the changing rooms, reception area was packed with people from finishing classes!

The guy at reception then came over to me in the gym and was saying not to worry about it, its fine! I asked how much did you see, he paused 'errmmm...' yep ok nevermind, i take that response as you saw enough :-/ ha! He then said he saw a bit earlier part of my zip had a gap in it but he wasn't sure if that was the way it was meant to be?! So i won't really know how long my skirt was like that for, i am hoping as i went to the loo just before i finished, maybe moving it from that triggered it to split fully. If i was wearing pretty knickers i would have dealt a little better with it but nooooo it was that time of month for me wasn't it and i was wearing bloody granny pants!! ha! ok well not exactly granny pants but you know what i

So anyway i wouldn't risk wearing that skirt again, so took it back for a refund!!!

So be careful when buying this skirt yourself, keep an eye on that zip!!!

Carly x

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