Friday, 8 August 2014

My Holiday to Sweden

At the beginning of July i went on holiday to Sweden with my boyfriend. We stayed with my boyfriends Aunt and her Partner.

So the story is that my boyfriends Aunt (who isn't swedish) met and married a guy who is swedish that she met in England. Now they have a home over in Sweden that they stay in over the summer.

Me and my boyfriend stayed over last year, it was nice to visit again, it brought back memories and i have grown to love Sweden. My boyfriend is actually quarter swedish too which is strange that his aunt married a swedish guy as it is his nan that is half swedish....anywhooo lets get on with the good stuff :-) lol

I did #vlog video's of my time in Sweden so if you do want to know what i did daily then CLICK HERE and that will open a new page to my youtube (vlogging) channel. It is quite new so please help me out by subscribing if you do enjoy my video's... i will hopefully get better :-) And i do have a link on that channel to my beauty and style one.

Right i feel i have rambled enough, lol lets get on with some pictures :-)

These photo's are taken using my DSLR Canon d600 camera.

At the airport
Another food shot from at Stockholm airport, we had about 4 hours to wait for our train!
One of our many meals that we enjoyed out on the balcony :-)
Princess Torte was good :-)

Name of our town we stayed in
Watching the sunset

Once the sunset had gone down
A random house on our late night walk back from sunset, see how light it is and was about 11 or half 11 at night!
Had such a good day on our bike ride

View from the balcony we had our dinner at every night, and mine and the boyfriends cabin at the top there :-)
View of the sunrise,  from our cabin at the top
The next lot of photo's are from my iphone so sorry they are not as good quality.

This is who we stayed with, Gill and Kjell (said like shell,lol) and the dog, Luka :-)
This photo was after we all did a run together.
We started having a routine of having breakfast outside every morning, we had hot weather every day we were there, it reached about 27-30 degrees, i was very happy with that :-)
Me taking photos of the ducks and the sunset :-)

Another nice house
And another

Thanks so much for checking out this post, i do hope you enjoyed looking at my photo's :-)
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Carly x


  1. Oh wow, I definitely need to re-visit Sweden it seems even nicer :D I stayed on the boarder of Denmark and Sweden so we got the best of both worlds ha

    Jennos Health.

    1. lol :-) Yeah i love Sweden now and hope to go back again next year. x


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