Sunday, 24 August 2014

Celeb Style - Emma Willis

Does anyone still watch Big Brother? I feel like i am one of the last few who still do...ha!

Well since i have been watching it and Emma Willis is now the show presenter, i have been noticing the great style of outfits she has been wearing.

So this is the first item which i saw her wearing. This wasn't actually on Big Brother but when she was on This Morning show.

I love this top. So from a long Google search i did find this exact shirt from Topshop. It was £32.00 and had gone down to £5 in the sale!!! i was gutted when it said 'out of stock' wonder!! 

You can view it HERE and hopefully maybe they will come back in stock. They also have it in  red, which again is sold out now but can be bought HERE (This red one is petite)
Click Here for the long sleeve one.

However i did search a few alternatives:

Now this one was on tv the other night and i fell in love with it. I love the detail, the fit of the dress and the colour is just amazing :-) on tv it came across a gorgeous barbie pink and just stood out to me :-)

However for this one, i found it to be rather expensive :-/ You can find the exact one HERE
It is in the sale so from what is was i suppose it is a good price. I did find some alternatives below too..

Dorothy Perkins  - Slightly more detail on this one but still similar

I love this outfit, it is mainly the pop of neon yellow that does it for me but the detail between that and the black colour is really nice. It is another dress that really compliments the figure.

Right now this dress is sold out but you can find the exact one HERE
You can also get this as a top too: Click Here

It was hard to find an alternative for this dress. I did find two as close to this one as i could. 

I do love bright yellow and this was another piece i fell in love with. Such a cheerful type of dress. Great summer dress because of the yellow and the flowers but who says we can't rock this in Autumn, or even winter. Something to brighten up those dull days i say :-)

So this is another 'rather pricey' dress but it is again in the sale and from what is was originally it is a huge saving. Click Here to view it.


Dorothy Perkins - Black dress with yellow flowers
French Connection - Black dress with an almost flower design.. :-/

So that was a few of my favourite outfits. I hope you liked them too :-) It was very hard looking around clothes sites for alternatives, i came across so many other outfits i liked!! :-) #GirlProblems ha!

Carly x

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