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My Bedroom Tour - Interior Ideas

Hello :-)

I have currently been in Sweden for a week. I had this room tour ready to blog the day before i went but then never got enough time to post it up before i left. Feels good to be back as i have missed posting on my blog!

I love to look at room Interior and have had a few requests to do mine before.

It took me a while to get around to it though as I get fussy with things and usually like it to be perfect.
Plus my room is rarely tidy and I need a tidy room when doing a room tour! :-)

So this was a good thing as it pushed me to tidy up!
There are still things I would like to change, I don't think it would ever get to 'The Perfect Room'...
but then if I did keep waiting I would never get around to doing this!

So this is the view from the door as you enter my room, do ignore the mess under the bed...but yes that is where i shove most my mess lol ;-)

I did purposely light all my candles and put the lights on for the sake of this post, to give it a nice cosy feel :-) 
Set Of Drawers: Argos | Fairy Lights: Christmas shop in Bluewater
Hellloooo..... #MirrorSelfie 
Bought in a homeware store in my town which isn't there anymore!

It looks like a mess, which i hide behind the pink curtain! My wash basket (Argos) ironing basket (Asda) and pile of un-organised shoes :-/ lol
I keep all my bags at the top
Pink curtains: Argos
Lamp: Debenhams
Insence sticks: Asda
Set of Drawers: Second hand from relative
Heart Candle holder: Ludkiva town, Sweden 
Cushions: Unfortunately got them ages ago so not sure?
Bed lights: Primark
Calenders: Christmas presents
Jewelry holder: Craft Fair at a place called Ardingly (South of England)
Picture frame: Given to me but i put my own flower photo's in
TV: Got as a present
DVD Player: Asda
Book Shelf: Had since i was a kid
This is just where i keep bits and bobs. Wires and chargers and usually kept in the red basket, random bits that don't always stay there are on the second shelf and then the bottom basket i always keep my hair tools in.
This is where my straighteners always live! :-)
GHD Straightners: Local Hairdressers
Makeup drawer: Staples
Red Tin: Had as present (gift set) so i used the tin for on my desk
Makeup Brushes: Royal Care Cosmetics (I found on Instagram) +Royal Care cosmetics
White Box: It is the box when i bought my iphone
Hair brush tin: When i bought some Clinique Makeup i got a freebie along with this tin
Mirror: Was a long time ago so not sure
Photo frame: Birthday Present
UK Piggy Bank: Chikadee (shop in my town)
Nail Polish base: The lid from a tin i got when i bought body butters from the Body Shop
Bracelet holder: Ebay
Black flower vase: Homeware shop in my town, isn't there anymore. I added the netting from some flowers i had once
Bird Cage decoration: Hobby Craft
Acorn decorations: TK Maxx
Pin Boards: Bought ages ago, not sure where they are from
Perfume holder: I don't know, i got it from someone
Big candle: Got as present
Small candles: Clintons card shop
Photo frame: (and all others you see in my room) i got as presents or second hand
Duvet covers: Asda
Zebra blanket: Can't remember but might have been Primark
Wallpaper: Asda
Light: Argos
Blinds: Argos
Heart candle holder: Hobby Craft
I have tried to remember where the majority of my stuff is from. Most is what people have either bought me, i have had as a kid or been given to me second hand.

If there are any little things i haven't mentioned and you are wondering where they are from, leave comments below and i will let you know :-)

I also did a youtube video on this so if you want to see my room in motion then CLICK HERE to check it out :-)
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If anyone else has room tour video's or blog posts, please comment below cos i would love to check them out :-)

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