Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer/Festival Hairstyles

I love the summer. My favourite style for this season is the Beachy/Bohemian look.
This style can also come under the Festival or Hippy look too, it is hard giving it just one name type,lol

I came up with 3 hairstyles which i am in love with. It is the effortless look and they don't take long to do at all.
For all 3 styles i have added my extensions to add more thickness.

1st Style

I started with a middle parting and i used my hair straighteners to get these waves. I did two random plaits in my hair but didn't use a hair tie, i thought this gave it a more textured beach look. I also did two plaits on the top and pinned these at the side of my head. The head piece i am wearing is from Primark. It is quite old, i found it though and thought it was perfect with this look :-)

Style 2

This style is a simple side plait, although i opted for a fishtail plait instead. I don't own any small flower hair pieces so i made a daisy chain from the garden and added this within my plait which i actually really loved :-) I then just twisted my hair at the top and pinned to the sides of my head. I felt that the twists matched the twist in the plait quite well.

Style 3

This hair style is the most quickest and easiest to do. It is two normal plaits. I didn't neaten the parting at the back either, just grabbed my hair into two sections with my hands. I then added this hair flower which i got a while ago from Primark. I definitely think Primark is really good for there accessories. (nice and cheap) :-)

Let me know which style you liked the best? 

I made a youtube video on these looks and the makeup too, check it out. Click the youtube link below:

Instagram: carlycx | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube

Makeup i am wearing:

Concealer: Soap and Glory - Kick Ass
Foundation: 8-in-1 BB Cream by Maybelline (Medium)
Powder: Clear Complexion by Rimmel
Bronzer: Bourjois Paris 
Blusher: Rimmel (Pink Rose)

Eyelid primer: Elf
Eyeshadow: No 17 Glitter eyeshadow in Chalice
Eyeliner: Aveda pencil - brown (914/cacao)
Mascara: Aveda - brown (02 earth)

Lips: Lip crayon from a gift set (doesn't have a name) ... :-(

Dress: Primark


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