Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dress Shopping - Evening/Wedding Guest

This weekend i attended my boyfriends best mates wedding. I haven't been to a wedding since i was 11 years old when i was a bridesmaid. So i was really excited to style an outfit together.
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A few days before the wedding i went to Blue Water shopping centre searching for the perfect dress.
My boyfriend was so patient walking around all the shops, waiting for me to try on tons of dresses!

Hopefully this post will give you ideas if any of you are attending one. If not for a wedding then any other event or place you just want a new dress for?

(I do apologise, the photo's are not my best but at least you can see what the dresses look like on to get an idea)

The first place i went to was #RiverIsland (4)

This dress was £32.00 I felt like it complimented my figure quite well. This was definitely one i was thinking about getting but wanted to keep looking as this was only the first shop.
This dress is really classy and simple and such a nice colour. My boyfriend wasn't too keen on the folds at the front so he got put off and i did want to wear something my boyfriend loved on me too, and at £40.00 i just thought i would keep looking.
So this one, even more expensive, £45.00. I liked it on the hanger as the yellow stood out to me but when i put it on i  just wasn't sure!
I did love the colour of this one but for some reason felt like it didn't hug my figure enough and so wasn't sure on it. £35.00
So the next shop is #NewLook (5)
There was a lot of choice in New Look, there usually is :-) Although once i actually tried things on none of them were really standing out to me. Some were not as dressy for a wedding either. Maybe i will come back to buy some as would be great for other days out :-)

So New Look do have cheaper options, this one was £14.99 and i loved the print but once it was on i wasn't sure it was good enough for a wedding. Maybe for a holiday or just a summers day in general so didn't see this one being an option
This one at £26.00 was a lovely colour. I felt this one was a bit too casual, again i would like to get it..but for a different event/day?
So yes in New Look i didn't seem to find many..what's the word for it, 'classy smart dresses'? They all looked quite casual. I tried them on anyway, just incase but for a wedding not a lot were standing out to me. I did LOVE this dress tho, i am so going back to buy this at some point :-) £25.00
This one was £26.00 and i wasn't really liking this one on me, it was just boring. 
I did like this one. I was nearly set that i was going to buy it. My boyfriend suggested these baby blue heels and clutch bag he saw in New Look too which he thought would look great with it. So that had nearly sold it to me :-) but we decided to go for food and then check few more shops anyway and maybe go back to this one if nothing else.
This one didn't have a price tag on, and i didn't think to check others so sorry i don't have a price for this one.
Next stop after food was #MissSelfridge (2)

I loved the colour of this one. It was quite plain tho. I find it really hard choosing :-/ So i just wanted to keep looking until the end and then choose. £35.00
This one again i liked the colour. Definitely a perfect choice for a wedding. But again i just kept it in mind and carried on looking. This one was a little on the expensive side too at £55.00
So The last place to show you is #Lipsy (8)

This dress i did love, the colour is bright and it has lace which was also nice. I am always between a size 8 and 10, tried the 10 but was slightly big but unfortunately they didn't have any 8's so that was a no for me! £65.00 
I loved the lace on this dress too. Really simple and classy. £58.00
I saw this on the rack and loved the frills and colours. Soon as it was on me though i wasn't a big fan, would be nice for a summery day out but for £55.00 i wasn't loving it.
This one i wasn't liking on me either. I didn't feel it was very slimming and for a expensive price of £65.00, it definitely wasn't worth it for me.
This one i liked. It was a nice fit and the detail at the top i really loved too. £65.00.
This one was very glittery! I liked the scoop detail at the back but from the front nothing was really standing out to me, was too plain and felt like it showed my knicker line and any lumps & bumps which isn't good! £50.00
I liked this one, simple, classy and i loved the detail. I also do love navy blue and with the white pattern it just looked so pretty. Also it gave me cleavage with a fitted bottom half! Lovely :-) £50.00
So this is the last dress, a nice bright yellow and a nice fit too. £55.00
TIP: It is definitely handy taking photo's of your outfits when out shopping. Also take photos of the price tags and most the time it says on the tag what shop it is from so you don't forget.

After all that trying on and looking in so many shops. I had finally chosen one.
I really hope you liked this post. In-case you haven't seen my post CLICK HERE to see the outfit that i chose with all the accessories

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Have fun shopping!!


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